*MEET* 224DA111 Donnie

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is delighted to introduce to you 224DA111 Donnie from the far-flung Gilbert Islands who links with our great club in January, 2009. 

An avid radio communications hobbyist and a former member of the International Radio Group, 224DA111 Donnie operates daily from his primitive straw hut in the Rawannawi Village.

This is a tiny uncomplicated settlement at the northern tip of Marakei Island in Western Kiribati, about 74 km from Tarawa.

Falling under the RSGB IOTA reference number OC-017, Marakei Island is located in the North Gilbert Islands covering an area of 13.5 km², with a population of fewer than two thousand people. 

A small atoll straddling the equator, Marakei’s central lagoon consists of numerous deep basins and is surrounded by two large islands. 

These are separated by two narrow channels called Baretoa Pass and Reweta Pass which are inaccessible at low tide.

[Note: An atoll is a type of low, coral island found in tropical oceans and consisting of a coral-algal reef usually surrounding an interior body of water called a lagoon].

Normally found on the upper side of 27.055 MHz – his nation’s call and chat frequency – but occasionally venturing to 27.355 MHz and 27.555 MHz in pursuit of International DX – 224DA111 Donnie enjoys conversing with other island stations in the Kiribati region in his native Melanesian tongue, including those in 266 (Eastern Kiribati) and 265 (Central Kiribati) divisions respectively. 

He also enjoys testing the capabilities of his Magnum S-9 transceiver and Antron 99 vertical antenna by Solarcon with 41 and 43 Division operators chasing IOTA contacts in the Pacific area.

Outside of the radio hobby, 224DA111 Donnie’s life centres around his family, the church and the sea. 

He also enjoys folk music involving chanting and body percussion, traditional Kiribati martial arts, hunting and storytelling with dances such as the Ruoia’s te kemai, Bino, Kaimatoa and Tirere. 

Interestingly, the Frigate bird (Fregata minor) on the Kiribati flag refers to this bird-like style of Kiribati dancing, one of Donnie’s favourite pastimes!

On behalf of your new radio club Donnie, welcome! 

We hope you enjoy your new Delta-Alfa callsign and, on behalf of the 11m DX Community in general, look forward to working your station in the picturesque Kiribati Islands in the future!


Via DA-RC HQ OC, PO Box 3140 Browns Plains LPO, QLD Australia, 4118