*MEET* 224DA101 Taakei

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is proud to introduce to you to one of it’s many members from the isolated west-central Pacific Ocean nation of Western Kiribati (Gilbert Islands), 224DA101 Taakei, who linked with our club in January, 2009.

Formerly with the International Radio Club as 224IR027, and well respected in the Oceania region, 224DA101 Taakei lives on a small coral atoll named Butaritari (previously known as Makin, Pitt Island, Taritari Island or Touching Island) which has a total land area of just 13.5 square kilometres.

The Kuma Village, in which 224DA101 Taakei lives, is one of five small settlements on the island which include Butaritari, Keuea, Tanimaiaki and Tekabetete.

Possessing a population of about 3,280 people, the island itself comprises a central lagoon 18 km wide ringed by small islets. 

Most of the islanders, says 224DA101 Taakei, live on two main islets, Butaritari and Kuma. 

The central lagoon provides a good deep anchorage for large ships with three narrow passages to the open sea. 

History tells that this also made it an attractive port for the invading Japanese forces during World War II who occupied the atoll from 1941 to 1943.

Outside of the radio communications hobby, 224DA101 Taakei is a Minister of Religion with the Kiribati Protestant Church (K.P.C.) and his work on the island in areas such as youth work and Sunday School have a powerful impact on the lives of local islanders.

According to Taakei, his Church has its own transport infrastructure, its own communications infrastructure, its own Department of Education, its own press, its own industries or projects, and even its own national public holiday. 

Despite these developments, the Church in Kuma Village has few, if any, resources and this is one of the confronting challenges which drives Taakei in his everyday life.

In addition to his passion for the Church, 224DA101 Taakei has a love of radio communications and spends much of his spare time DXing or enjoying QSOs with friends and colleagues on islands such as Banaba, Makin, Tab-North, Tarawa, Marakei, Samoa and Tonga. 

One of the most well known DXers in 224 Division and a participant in the 2009 Oceania Contest, 224DA101 Taakei has an impressive island station with a Ranger RCI-2970-DX 150w transceiver, as well as an Antron 99 vertical antenna by Solarcon and a SY-3 yagi antenna by Syrio.

On behalf of the World Headquarters Team and all DA-RC members, welcome to the Dx Adventure Radio Club, 224DA101 Taakai.

We look forward to working your rare IOTA station in the near future and hearing stories of your fantastic Ministerial work on the island.


DA-RC HQ Oceania, PO Box 3140, Browns Plains LPO, QLD, 4118, Australia