*MEET* 224DA065 Ata

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is delighted to herald the new signing of 224DA065 Mr Ata from Western Kiribati’s stunning Tarawa Island (OC-017).  Formerly with the International Radio Group as 224IR065, Ata is looked upon as one of 224 Division’s most illustrious Freeband DXers and is a regular in the logs of Oceania Contest stations, as well as many major International DXpeditions.

Tucked away in the central Pacific Ocean, Ata lives in the small Buariki Village on the remote northern part of the island (close to the Aranuka Airport which is less than one kilometre away from his home).  So remote is Ata’s village, in fact, that there is no electricity in this part of the island and the town is about one and a half hours by boat from the main towns of South Tarawa as well.  As a result of this isolation, the local villagers have maintained much of their traditional customs and skills which they use in their everyday lives.

With just 692 people, 224DA065 Ata’s peaceful village is also the home of the charming Mauri Paradise Resort which is just a few metres from the edge of a very serene lagoon.  This is a popular choice of accommodation for visiting amateur radio dxpedition teams who visit the island every few years.

When he’s not working some of the most hunted DXpedition stations in the world on his ICOM 718 and vertical antenna almost 20 metres above his hut, Ata enjoys spending time in the tropical island sun reef fishing, as well as scuba diving the underwater world of WWII wrecks littered on the ocean floor.

DA-RC’s newest Oceanic member also enjoys outrigger canoeing, playing cards, making baskets, fans, or mats with coconut leaves and riding his bicycle down the perfect gravel road to Marenanuka or visiting friends in the nearby villages of Abatao and Tabiteuea.  Even though there is also no road connecting South-Tarawa and North-Tarawa it is possible, as indicated by Ata, to cross the channels by low tide on a bicycle.

Like many of his fellow island operators, Ata is often found speaking to his many friends on the different islands that comprise Central, Eastern and Western Kiribati in his native Melanesian tongue.  He is also a regular visitor to the International Call Frequency where his CQ DX calls send monitoring stations into a spin.

On behalf of everyone, welcome to the Dx Adventure Radio Club, Ata.  We are proud to have you as part of the team and look forward to securing one of your special 224 Division IOTA QSL cards in the near future!