*MEET* 224DA030 Timon

In the Central Pacific, the Republic of Kiribati’s far-flung Gilbert Islands is homeland to qualified ham and citizens band (CB) operative 224DA030 Timon.

Based on Tarawa Atoll, Mr Timon unites with our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in January 2021 after satisfying membership requirements in the DX Hunter category (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/).

Licensed as T30IU for 4 years at the time of applying for membership with the DA-RC, Timon is eager to extend his practise to include hunting quality DX on the world’s best HF band, 11m.

Formerly known as the ‘Kingsmill Islands’, the Gilberts are an elongated chain of sixteen pristine atolls and beautiful coral islands in the Pacific Ocean about halfway between Papua New Guinea (101 Division) and Hawaii (17 Division) which occupy the reference OC-017 in accordance with the World IOTA Program.

The Islands Base Online (IBO) database lists a number of other islands in the group: Abaiang, Abemama, Aranuka, Arorae, Beru, Butaritari, Kuria, Maiana, Makin, Marakei, Nikunau, Nonouti, Onotoa, Tabiteuea and Tamana.

224DA030 Timon’s radio shack, an extension of his home, is built on Betio, which is sand islet at the extreme southwest of Tarawa Atoll.

Clustered within the ‘Gilbert Islands IOTA Group’, Betio (pronounced “Bes-she-o”) is said to be the largest township of Kiribati’s capital city, South Tarawa, and home to the country’s main shipping port.

“It’s from here where visiting ham dxpedition teams,” according to Timon, “depart for other islands in the Line and Phoenix Islands….”

Like many small islands in the Pacific, Betio Islet has a rich World War II history.

“Here was the scene of the Battle of Tarawa,” explains 224DA030 Timon.

“In fact, relics of the Japanese invasion in 1943, including bunkers and military equipment such as cannons, remain here…”

Pictured above, 224DA030 Timon’s station features a Kenwood TS-50, Yaesu FT-847, RCI Ranger 2950 and Cobra 148GTL transceivers.

For 11m operations, a verticle antenna is erected high above his residence which, according to our newest member of the Kiribati team, was constructed by a good friend on the island.

Apart from radio comms, 224DA030 Timon regards himself an as excellent fisherman.

Albacore, bone fish, giant trevally, yellowfin, sail fish, marlin, skipjack and bigeye are commonly caught species in the local lagoons within Tarawa Atoll and off-shore waters.

224DA030 Timon also enjoys listening to music such as Kiribati folk music and stick dances or ‘tirere’ (pronounced seerere).

A fascinating point of interest is that Kiribati’s traditional music is composed by people known as ‘te kainikamaen’.

These composers are said to receive their songs from myth or magic, an ability that is said to pass from father to son.

A regular station on his nation’s ragchew frequency, 27.055 MHz USB, 224DA030 Timon enjoys working friends on other islands across the Kiribati archipelago; friends in 224 and 266 Divisions and the occasional operator on solar power in 265 Division.

He’s also QRV on the International Call Frequency, 27.555 MHz USB where he looks forward to forging a reputation as Kiribati’s leading 11m band DX Hunter .


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