*NOW ACTIVE* 224DA/OC-017, Nonuiti Atoll

Attention Freeband IOTA Hunters!

224DA007 Edward in the Republic of Kiribati is now QRV from remote Nonuiti Atoll with the special IOTA callsign — 224DA/OC-017.

Nonuiti is part of the South Gilbert Islands which includes the atolls of South and North Tabiteuea, Beru, Nikunau, Onotoa, Tamana, and the most southerly island of Arorae.

Located 38 km north of Tabiteuea, and 250 km south of Tarawa (Northern Gilberts), Nonuiti is the third largest atoll in the Gilbert Islands IOTA Group which possesses the refence OC-017 in accordance with the World IOTA Program.

Google Earth shows that the Gilberts are a chain of 16 atolls and coral islands in the central Pacific Ocean, in an approximate north-to-south line, about halfway between Papua New Guinea (101 Division) and Hawaii (17 Division).

The eastern side of this rare island dxstination is the main permanent landmass and consists of many tiny islets and islands which form a continuous line.

It’s here where Edward visits the village of Matang, which has a population of roughly 550 people, for employment purposes.

224DA007 Edward is committed to the success of his IOTA activity and looks forward to making the most of excellent conditions with Europe and other major DX markets in the coming months.

His IOTA station is impressive for eleven meter DX work, consisting of a modern Yaesu FT-450D transceiver, with state-of-the-art IF DSP technology, which ideal for dx adventure.

The antenna used will be a vertical, roughly 6m from the ground, erected by the sea.

A battery will be used for transceiver power.

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