*QSL* 217DA0 Christmas Island


With more than 2000 contacts, the January 2015 Dx Adventure 217DA/0 to remote Christmas Island will be remembered as one of the best “Most Wanted” activities in recent times.

SP5ADX Radek at Cool QSL has come up with the perfect design (See below) to celebrate this exciting band event too with the production of an amazing triple QSL.

010Guaranteed to be a collector’s pride and joy, this terrific full-colour confirmation card displays images of Darren and Peter’s determined DX work on the tiny Indian Ocean island, personally taken photographs of some of the island’s unique flora and fauna, a definitive list of Sponsors, as well as the traditional DA-RC banners and logos.

Christmas IslandAs you can see, a predominant feature of the new DA-RC QSL card is the Christmas Island red crab (Gecarcoidea natalis), a species of land crab that’s endemic to the island which houses approximately 43.7 million of them.

These crustaceans are well-known for their annual mass migration to the sea to lay their eggs in the ocean.