Results are in for the Dx Adventure Radio Club’s 2022 Christmas Contest in both the SES Hunter and Activant categories with some astonishing performances noted.

The aim of the Christmas Contest is to spread cheer in the 11m DX Community, and, to provide a professionally managed radio sports experience for the world’s freeband DX population.

Against these criteria, then, coupled with the impressive feats of DA and non-DA participants, the 2022 Christmas Contest was a huge success!


This year, we had 58 DA members allocated special Christmas callsigns!

Members were tasked with making as many contacts as possible over the month of December using a unique Christmas word attached as a prefix to their regular callsign.

The number of contacts was then multiplied by the number of fellow Christmas stations in their log, an innovation designed to encourage DA members to chase other DA members as well!

Incredibly, more than 2000 contacts were crafted by the Delta-Alfa Christmas stations who were QRV over the 31 days of December.

These contacts were made with 124 DXCC, across DX markets of Asia, Oceania, Europe, North and South America, and Africa, and included some of the rarest entities on the eleven meter band.

Logs received by the project manager confirm that competition for the top 3 positions in both categories was intense!

Congratulations to 43DA001 Darren (AKA 43DA/ELF) in Australia who claimed first place with 5860 points, achieved through 294 contacts, and 20 multipliers.

Snapping at his heals, and in second position in the Members category, was last year’s winner, 14DA037 Viviane.

Using the callsign 14DA/MERRY, Viviane secured 275 contacts with 17 multipliers, giving her a final score of 4676 points.

Viviane also worked an incredible 66 Divisions—the most of any participant in this category—and in doing so consolidated her standing as one of the world’s leading DX Hunters

Wrapping up the top 3 placegetters, under the guise of the special callsign 43DA/RUM, was 43DA007 Mike—another well-known Aussie DXer.

From the Land Down Under, Mike nailed down 233 contacts and 12 multipliers, earning him a very healthy 2796 points.

Whilst we acknowledge Darren, Viviane and Mike for their tremendous success, congratulations to all members who accepted the responsibility of working as a Special Event Station (SES) in this event.

Without your enthusiastic participation, the contest would not have been the wonderful success it was.

Please see the complete table of results below…


The SES Hunter category was open to both Delta-Alfa and non-Delta-Alfa members.

This category saw the 58 x DA Xmas stations as fiercely coveted across the 27 MHz platform.

The spread of locations of these stations, too, meant that working multiple SES stations was a significant challenge indeed.

In this category, 43DA001 Darren again topped the leader board, sealing the quinella in this year’s contest, with 20 DA/SES stations achieved.

A meagre 1 x SES station behind Darren, were skilled contesters 14EK011 Jack and 14SD177 Jean-Pierre from the Echo Kilo and Sugar Delta clubs respectively, who finished in equal second spot!

Both Jack and Jean-Pierre finished with a commendable 19 x SES each, narrowly topping countrymen 14DA044 Herve and 14DA026 Nicolas who captured 18 x SES, to finish in equal 4th.

Check out the top 12 finishers below!!!!!

Congratulations to all operators who took part in this category and thank you very much for your support of this radio sports event.

A special colour certificate, designed by 010 Designs, will be emailed to placegetters as a printable pdf document soon.

Please also note that a beautiful double QSL card is available from DA-RC HQ OC to confirm the number of contacts achieved in this year’s event!!!!!