*MEET* 201DA001 Chris

From the spectacular Leeward Islands IOTA Group, in the heart of the south Pacific, our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is proud to introduce to you 201DA001 Chris.

Possessing the reference OC-067, The Leewards is part of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France which is made up of 5 archipelagos.

A self-confessed IOTA Hunter and keen collector of QSL cards, 201DA001 Chris connects with the DA-RC in mid-September, 2023, nailing down an opportunity in the DX Hunter category with more than 100 DXCC entities confirmed.

For more than a decade now, our first Tahitian member has been regarded as one of the best and most prolific DX Hunters in the Oceania region.

A permanent fixture in Most Wanted DXpedition logs and a European DX magnet, he’s a guy whom is committed to the 11m DX Community and creating log opportunities for the world’s IOTA Hunter fraternity.

Located roughly 216 km northwest of Tahiti, Chris’s pocket-sized south Pacific island, Bora Bora, is a major international tourist destination; one that’s famous for its luxury seaside resorts and picture-perfect beaches.

Here, 201DA001 Chris resides in the largest settlement—Vaitape—on the western side of the main island, opposite the lagoon.

Shaped by an extinct volcano and surrounded by fringing reef, the lagoon is known to be Bora Bora’s main attraction and the perfect location for DX-downtime.

It’s magnificent underwater world hosts manta rays, sharks, colourful fish and corals, the dream of any diver or snorkelling fiend.

Another enticement on Chris’ island QTH are the remains of what were more than 40 marae (ceremonial platforms).

The best preserved are Marae Fare Opu, in Faanui Bay, and Marae Aehau-tai or Temaruteaoa, at the eastern end of Vairau Bay.

201DA001 Chris has constructed a super-impressive station in his quest for DX success.

On his radio shack benchtop is a modern Icom IC-7300 transciever—modified for general coverage—with its famous High Performance Real-Time Spectrum Scope and 100 watts of TX power.

Outside his home, more than 10m above the ground, is a home brew 3 element cubical quad antenna.

This impressive DX warhead overlooks the western part of Bora Bora lagoon, including its surrounding islets, a magnificent kaleidoscope of ever-changing blues.

“I wish to do activations in the future from some of these OC-067 islets,” he says. “Like the island of Maupiti or Tahaa…”

For employment, 201DA001 Chris works as a boilermaker/welder, where instead of a microphone, his tools are chipping hammers, grinders, welding clamps, drill bits, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and hammers.

It pays the bills and empowers his frequent radio purchases hihi!

When he’s not chasing DX or on the tools at work, Chris enjoys chilling out to music—mostly reggae tunes, but also rock and blues.

Cluster Spotboards confirm that 201DA001 Chris is one of the Pacific’s most active DXers—a beacon of the OC region.

Like most DA members, he’s QRV on the international call frequency, 27.555 MHz USB, and is always looking to capture his next DX contact.

You might also get the opportunity to QSO with his 2 daughters who are fast establishing themselves as young DX Hunting prodigies in the Pacific a community.


Hinano Marraud, BP 626, 98730 Vaitape, Bora Bora island, French-Polynesia