*QSL* 2013 IWI-Kend

Attention Inland Water Island Hunters…

Please see below the spanking new QSL design for 14DA028 Phil’s two IWI activities in this year’s IWI-Kend; Belgium IWI Des Ponts and  French IWI Doulac.

lz3hiDesigned by Phil himself and printed by LZ3HI on high quality deluxe business paper, this awesome full colour QSL card depicts some of the pristine scenery around both IWI DXstinations, countryside characterized by luscious greenery, bridges and neighboring architecture.

This ‘collector’s’ QSL confirmation card is obtainable from 14DA028 Phil whom is also the QSL Manager.

da28-small-34ed27bThe coordinations are:


31Rés. F- Evrard

59221 Bauvin

Department 59


iwikend 2013 front copie

iwikend 2013 back copie