*MEET* 1DA101 Giorgio

4667_59287a8b0be89In Southern Europe, 1DA101 Giorgio from the ‘Republicans Italiana’ joins the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in October 2017 via the DX Hunter and DX Leadership categories.

250px-Pordenone_in_Italy.svgGiorgio balances his commitment to the DA-RC with long time membership in the Tango Delta Tango (TDT) and Maik Whisky (MV) clubs where his callsigns are 1TDT008 and 1MW001 respectively. 

He’s a former Country coordinator for MW.

1DA101 Giorgio’s home QTH is the Province of Pordenone in the western area of Friuli Venezia Giulia, bordering Veneto.

It is situated between the Carnic Alps and the wide valley that is bounded by the Tagliamento and Livenza Rivers.


f81f0cb8f18fa88f5dffe90b8f093b38--venezia-italiaAccording to 1DA101 Giorgio, Pordenone crosses valleys, hills and flatlands, offering a wide variety of landscapes and charming sceneries.

The mountains of dolomitic rock, for example, present inaccessible gullies, and valleys deep and narrow; they host remarkable resorts, such as the modern and well-equipped ski area of Piancavallo.

GorgazzoCharming small villages and art treasures that combine the culture of Friuli with Venetian and Austrian influences; the prehistoric site of Palù della Santissima; the springs of the Gorgazzo River — renowned for the azure, turquoise and blue of its waters — the picturesque springs of the River Livenza, and many caves and hollows, explored only in part, are also popular attractions in Giorgio’s homeland.


1DA101 Giorgio has an impressive collection of QSL cards, thanks in part to a high quality station and a commitment to chasing DX. 

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAAn abundance of YouTube videos are further evidence of his prowess in this field.

Currently, Giorgio’s radio shack consists of a Yaesu FT 1200 DX and Intek HR5500 transceivers + various dx-cessories such as an RM Italy KL405 200 watt linear amplifier and Yaesu MD100 dynamic desk mic.

Above the roof of his home are a Sirio Gain-Master — a 0.625λ high tech fibreglass base station antenna. 

As well as a Dipole Sirio SD27 (26-28MHz) which can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and has 3000 watt handling capacity.


“Outside of radio comms, I’m a volunteer in Civil Protection in my small city,” explains Giorgio, “but also I like play with Photoshop and help the operators to make their QSL cards.”

Obviously, a member of many exciting skillsets and qualities, Giorgio is a tremendous acquisition for the DA-RC and will no doubt be at the forefront of our club’s dx adventures in the years to come.

QSL Infos

  • Giorgio, Via Piave 109 CP 33170 Pordenone Italia