*MEET* 1DA007 Darek

Within the intercontinental ripples of the Mediterranean Sea, our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is thrilled to introduce to you staunch 27 MHz DX Hunter 1DA007 Darek on the northern chunk of the Italian peninsula.

Professional in every aspect, steadfast in his zealous approach to DX pursuits, and with licensed ham quals on his radio comms résumé, 1DA007 Darek is one of the leading ops in our Freeband community—not just in Europe—but the world!

Respected 11m cluster databases such as DX Proofs, Cluster DX and 11DX confirm that our newest 1 Division guy quenches DA-RC membership criteria in the DX Hunter category.

He has more than 200 DXCC entities worked.

Understandably, this sharp-edged op is eager to add to his DXCC and IOTA total on the back of enhanced prop under the umbrella of solar cycle 25.

The hottest DX Market in the international Freeband community, 1DA007 Darek’s country—Italy—is a boot-shaped cape that juts out and into the Adriatic Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and other waters.

His home here is Forlì, a commune and city in Emilia-Romagna, in the northern region of Italy.

Forlì is the capital of the province of Forlì-Cesena and the central city of Romagna.

According to Google Earth, 1DA007 Darek’s city is sited along the Via Emilia, to the east of the Montone river.

It’s known as an important agricultural centre and also hosts some of Italy’s culturally and artistically significant landmarks.

As you’d expect for a world class DX Hunter, 1DA007 Darek’s station is weaponized for 11m DX, yet it also caters for other bands when the world’s best DX band is indifferent.

Primarily, several Yaesu transceivers on the radio shack benchtop provide the very best access for Darek to all bands.

Incredibly, the majority of Darek’s antennas are home-made which is indicative of his DX-IQ—his thirst for antenna theory, design and construction.

A high-performance 5 element yagi antenna from SmarTech provides extraordinary directional TX and RX functioning on both 11m and 10m bands and this ensures he’s always at the head of logs for rare dx.

On the homebrew front, a J-pole for 2m, a 3 element Bird Yagi for 6m, a vertical for 10-12m, Cobweb for the 15-17-20m bands, a 1 element Delta Loop for 20m and a wire dipole for 40m band all adorn the yard at 1DA007 Darek’s home, creating an antenna farm-like affect worthy of any DX Champion.

These antennas ensure he’s accessible on any band, on any frequency, at any given time of the day, always keen for a Qso and the exchange of a QSL card to confirm a contact with his station in the Mediterranean Sea.


Darek Idzikowski, Via Marco Fantuzzi 24, Forlì (FC) 47121, Italy