*MEET* 1DA007 Gian

In Southern Europe, sharp-edged DX Hunter 1DA007 Gian joins the ranks of Italy based Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members in mid October 2018.

History confirms that previous involvement with the Sugar Yankee and Maik Uniform radio clubs has netted our Gian an impressive 125 DXCC entities worked and confirmed — a statistic which assures him entry to the Club via the DX Hunter category.

Not bad too for a young man not yet 30 years of age!

In addition to being famous for its production of world class radio operators in the 11m and ham communities, 1DA007 Gian’s country is celebrated for its delicious cuisine, trendy fashions, luxury sports cars and motorcycles, diverse regional cultures and dialects, as well as for its various landscapes from the seas to the Alps and Apennines.

Few would disagree that the nickname Il Bel Paese (the Beautiful Country) is so richly deserved for this remarkable place on the world map.

1DA007 Gian identifies travel and radio communications as his two primary passions.

Fortunately, these entertainments combine well for possible Dxpedition work and our newest recruit is committed to delivering some thrilling activities in the years to come, in keeping with our Club’s ‘dx adventure’ theme.

On the desk in his radio shack sits a President Lincoln II (Pictured above) which is continuously locked on the prominent 11m call frequencies such as 27.385 LSB (The Americas) or 27.555 MHz (International) in search of DX.

Above the roof top of his home, a Mantova Turbo Sigma 5/8 wave base station antenna (Pictured left and below) delivers the punch to DX stations around the globe. 

According to 1DA007 Gian, this high quality vertical antenna handles 2000 watts and with 8 x 1.5 meter radials it produces unparalleled performance across the entire frequency band.

1DA007 Gian is a regular user of online hobby resources Cluster DX (CDX) and callsign database QRZ.11.net.

In times of poor propagation, furthermore, you can find him in the CDX Chat Window.  He is never too far away from the action!


Please email Gian via 1da007@libero.it to discuss an exchange of cards.