*MEET* PD5MVH / 19DA109 Marcel

19DA109 Marcel

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is pleased to introduce member PD5MVH / 19DA109 Marcel from the Kingdom of the Netherlands in North-Western Europe.

A past affiliate of the Alfa Tango and Sugar Delta DX Groups in the eleven meter dx community and a guy involved in many organisations in the ham community, Marcel is regarded as one of Europe’s leading radio communications operatives on both amateur and 11m frequencies respectively.

Bordering the North Sea to the north and west, Belgium (16 Division) to the south, and Germany (13) to the east, Marcel’s homeland, the Netherlands, is very flat, with the exception of foothills in the far southeast and several low-hill ranges in the central parts.  By all reports, these are popular portable DXstinations with many DXers in what’s also known as Holland.

Marcel’s QTH, The Hague, is the third largest city in 19 Division, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with a population of 485 818 and an area of approximately 100 km².

Regarded as the de facto judicial capital of the United Nations, being the location of its primary judicial institutions, The Hague is often dubbed “the world’s legal capital”.

The Hague is a city with a worldly sophistication, great art museums and the beach of Scheveningen.  Binnenhof and the Knight’s Hall, the political centre of the Netherlands, the Monument at the 1813 Square (Plein 1813), the Royal Noordeinde Palace, De Grote Kerk, The ‘Netkous’ or Fishnet Stocking, a modern tram viaduct, with neighboring office buildings and the Modern RegioCitadis tram are popular tourist drawcards.

In the radio communications hobby, Marcel’s résumé is an extensive and imposing one indeed.  In the exciting field of DXCC and IOTA Chasing, Marcel has worked and confirmed a colossal 310 DXCC / Divisions and 425 islands on the air stations respectively.

Within the area of DXpedition work in which DA-RC is well-known, Marcel has conducted portable DX stations from Terschelling Island (EU-038) and the Zuid Holland/Zeeland Province group (EU-146) in the past, even under the auspice of QRP (Low TX Power).  As if IOTA operations weren’t challenging enough!

Portable/Field Operations

As a keen portable DXer, DA-RC’s Holland based member has also operated from a large number of DXCC which include Italy (1), Germany (13), France (14), Belgium (16), England (26), Spain (30), Canary Islands (34) and Luxemburg (54).

In the field of DX Leadership, too, Marcel is an experienced State/Department Coordinator in a previous radio club.  He’s sure to bring these same leadership attributes to the table of his new Club in the area of project management sometime in the future.

As a result of these commendable accomplishments and apparent proficiencies, Marcel meets the requirements for DA-RC membership in all three membership categories.

When he’s not behind the classic Heil or Behringer microphones of his one of his beloved Yaesu rigs such as the FT2000, FT-950 or FT-817, PD5MVH /19DA109 Marcel enjoys the labour intensive practice of growing plants (Gardening).  He also enjoys travelling and photography, a couple of recreational leisure pursuits which obviously combine fantastically well together.

Mostly, however, Marcel just can’t get enough of his favourite hobby.  Whether it’s as a licensed ham operator working all bands, building high-performance yagi antennas or experimenting with different audio rack equipment in search of that elusive Holy Grail of TX audio, or as a serious dx hunter on 11m chasing /0, /DX and/or IOTA stations, Marcel always has something planned.

“I like to chase all dx,” says Marcel.  “I will happily help some others with technical issues too since it is one of my strengths.  I’m always willing to help!”

Since joining with the DX Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in early 2010, Marcel has conducted exciting dxpedition activities from:

  • Goerree Overflakkee Island, EU-146 (Zuid Holland / Zeeland Province group
  • Pampus Island (IWI)
  • Schiermonnikoog Island (EU-038)
  • Terschelling Island (EU-038)

QSL Information

To exchange QSL cards with Marcel and confirm contacts made on any band, please contact him direct via email at marcel@pd5mvh.nl