*MEET 19DA104 Gene

From northwestern Europe, the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is thrilled to present to you 19DA104 Gene.

One of Europe’s most heralded Freeband DX Hunters, Gene connects with our club in early October, 2023.

11m cluster databases confirm that 19DA104 Gene is a world class DX man; skills refined through previous work with the Alfa Tango and Sugar Delta clubs respectively.

DXCC, IOTA, LOTA, COTA or SES – nothing is off limits for this hungry DX guy!

In fact, Gene has amassed an incredible 236 DXCC entities over the course of his time in the hobby and is determined to add to this tally with his new Delta-Alfa callsign.

19DA104 Gene is based in The Netherlands, a radiant country which borders Germany (13 Division) to the east, and Belgium (16 Division) to the south, with a North Sea coastline to the north and west.

It’s a DXCC known for its flat landscape of canals, colourful tulip fields, windmills and winding cycling routes.

It’s also is an awesome place to explore and experience Dutch culture, beautiful scenery, friendly people, and interesting history.

19DA104 Gene resides in Chaam, a tranquil village in the Dutch province of North Brabant, in the municipality of Alphen-Chaam, about 13 km southeast of Breda.

This area is famous for several camp grounds such as Glamping de Bosweide, Natuurkampeerterrein ‘t Beekdal and Camping Buitenlust which are popular amongst families.

Antonius Abtkerk Church, Ledevaertkerk Church and the Raadhuis, Chaam Building are prominent historical landmarks.

An interesting point is that Gene’s Village organizes annually—on the first Wednesday after the Tour de France—the exciting Acht van Chaam.

This is an elite men’s and women’s professional road bicycle racing event, first held in 1932.

History reveals that 19DA104 Gene started his journey in radio comms way back in 1988.

He began serious 27 MHz DXing in 1990 and was active until 1995 at which time he had a break until 2013.

In addition to his niche in the Freeband community, Gene is an accredited ham radio operator.

His versatile station reflects this.

19DA104 Gene operates exclusively as a portable station, working from vantage points in his local community with a predisposition for DX-success.

Depending on the mood, he uses Icom IC-7300 and Yaesu FT-891 transceivers, fed with an RM Italy KL703 amplifier which produces 400 watts and 2 x 105Ah batteries.

These are arranged on the back seat of his car to create the perfect portable radio shack.

19DA104 Gene’s choice of antenna is the 3 element Skypper on a homemade aluminium telescopic mast of roughly 9m.

The skypper is perfect for portable dx adventure thanks to its light weight and extreme ease of transport and assembly.

19DA104 Gene is employed as an expert technician in a cable company.

He performs maintenance to prevent the malfunctioning of coax + fiberglass networks.

On weekends and holidays, 19DA104 Gene identifies carp fishing as one of his favourite leisure pursuits.

Carp fishing is known to be immensely popular in Gene’s country, and that’s due to their many great carp waters.

From the smallest ponds and ditches to  major rivers and lakes: they’re all said to have a healthy carp stock, with a mix of common carp and mirror carp in all kinds of sizes and patterns.

“Fishing and DX seems to be a match for some reason…” he says.

Gene also likes to mess around with antennas and has achieved several DIY antenna projects over the years.

It’s a pattern of behaviour which shows our newest member in Europe is always looking to challenge himself with new projects or task.

One of course, is his pursuit of DX and Gene is QRV most days on the international call frequency, 27.555 MHz USB, from his high quality portable station.


Altena 15, 4861DH Chaam, Netherlands