In accordance with our Dx Adventure Radio Club’s ‘Dxpedition Protocol’ and ‘DXpedition Offset Program’, the carbon emissions created by airline travel to Vanuatu for the 197DA/0 Dxpedition have now been offset via Carbon Neutral Ltd.

Proposed by 23DA330 Jeremy due to its relevance to local environmental issues, Carbon Neutral is a not for profit company which works with hundreds of organisations to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions and support re-vegetation projects.

Carbon emissions from 197DA/0 were firstly calculated using the company’s online calculator which allowed us to input information related to our return flights to and from the small Pacific island of Vanuatu from Brisbane on mainland Australia. 

The chosen calculator then provided an estimate of our emissions in tonnes of carbon dioxide or equivalent and also advised us on the cost to offset these emissions with Carbon Neutral.

The 197DA/0 Dxpedition team (ie. 43DA234 Tom and myself 43DA001 Darren) were then given the option of choosing between purchasing greenhouse friendly verified emissions reductions (VERs)  or paying for the company to plant trees in order to offset the emissions; with the latter strategy gaining our support on this occasion.

Research shows that planting trees is an effective way to absorb carbon dioxide emissions and Carbon Neutral plants hundreds of thousands of native trees each year in environmentally vulnerable areas. 

For DA-RC Members and non-members, in addition to helping clean our air, they also clean and improve our soil and ground water, reduce erosion, act as windbreaks, provide habitat for animals, and are crucial to the biological diversity of our land.

197DA/0 Offset Details

  • Total emissions (CO2e): 1.97 tonnes of CO2e
  • Source: Airline travel (3932.89 kilometers)
  • Offset Project Selected: Tree Planting
  • Offset Cost: $39.40
  • Receipt Provided: Yes

Plant for the Planet

Please note that other factors not covered in our club’s Offset Program such as waste, energy and food have been offset by the DXpedition team by making some simple changes our homes which include:

  • adjusting the thermostat of air conditioners
  • turning off lights and appliances such as televisions and computers when not in use
  • using compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • installing ceiling installation to minimize heating and cooling
  • planting water wise gardens
  • reducing, reusing and recycling domestic waste; and
  • buying local.

For more information on DA-RC’s Carbon Emissions Offset Program and how you can offset your own hobby emissions, please email Project Manager 23DA330 Jeremy at edx111@yahoo.com .