*MEET* 196DA101 Roberto

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is delighted to introduce to you 196DA101 Roberto, from the dizzyingly diverse Caribbean region of North America.

QRV previously on 27 MHz frequencies as 196WI001, Roberto connects with the DA-RC in October 2021 and is thrilled to receive his new Delta-Alfa callsign.

196DA101 Roberto’s home is Guadeloupe (196 Division), a picturesque archipelago and overseas department of France.

Nicknamed “The Butterfly Island” due to the shape of its two main islands which are separated by a narrow channel, Google Earth has it situated in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, south-east of the Gulf of Mexico.

Part of the Leeward Islands in the northern part of the Lesser Antilles, this exquisite collection of islands is found south of Antigua & Barbuda (120 Division), south of the British overseas territory of  Montserrat (157), and north of Dominica (194) in the Windward Islands.

Regarded as one of his DXCC’s most active and successful Freeband DX Hunters by other Caribbean operators, 196DA101 Roberto has compiled a world class home station, one designed for 11m band dominance.

On the desk in his radio shack is a Kenwood TS-480HX transceiver which offers an incredible 200w output — making it ideal for both base station and dx adventure applications.

Pictured below, 196DA101 Roberto’s antenna is an enormous 6 element yagi, perched atop a scalable tower with excellent take-offs to all major DX markets.

This aluminum beast ensures his TX signal is always one of the loudest across the world!

Due to his location, 196DA101 Roberto is perfectly placed to commence some Islands On The Air (IOTA) dxpedition work in the future.

A canvas of potential IOTA DX adventure on 27 MHz frequencies, Guadeloupe consists of six inhabited islands which share the reference NA-102 in accordance with the Radio Society of Great Britain’s World IOTA program.

They include: Basse-Terre (Roberto’s home QTH), Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, La Désirade, and the two inhabited Îles des Saintes — as well as many uninhabited islands and outcroppings.

According to 196DA101 Roberto, there are numerous other smaller islands, suitable for IOTA DX work on the 11m band, that will attract his attention for a day trip or two as Cycle 25 kicks in.

Some include Tête à l’Anglais, Îlet à Kahouanne, Îlet à Fajou, Îlet Macou, Îlet aux Foux, Îlets de Carénage, La Biche, Îlet Crabière, Îlets à Goyaves, Îlet à Cochons, Îlet à Boissard, Îlet à Chasse and Îlet du Gosier.

According to the Islands Base Online data base, only 7 islands of 196 Division have ever been activated on eleven meters before so this will be exciting news when details arrive (See: http://islands.upway.pl/find_for.php?pr=196&io=&re=&na=&do=search&sort_order=ASC&order_by=0&cur_page=0)

The DA-RC Membership Directory confirms that 196DA101 Roberto’s radio shack is found on Basse-Terre Island.

This island is mountainous, containing such peaks such as Mount Sans Toucher (1354 m) and Grande Découverte (1263 m), culminating in the active volcano La Grande Soufrière, the highest mountain peak in the Lesser Antilles with an elevation of 1467m.

On Basse-Terre Island, 196DA101 Roberto’s abode is in the commune of Baillif which is situated on the south-west coast, facing the Caribbean Sea.

The town is west of a mountain range and with its small regional airfield, Baillif acts as the perfect gateway to IOTA Dxstinations in the south.

In addition to local IOTA opportunities, at the entry to this market town is a 4m tower called Père Labat (See above).

According to 196DA101 Roberto, this historical structure is part of a fortification and is therefore a valid entity for Castles & Fortresses On The Air (COTA).

Another local attraction, closer to Vieux-Habitants, is the engraved rocks of Plessis.

Seen pictured right, these are a group of petroglyphs dating from the Arawak period, between the 1st and the 7th century.

They are located in the Duplessis river which separates the communes of Baillif and Vieux-Habitants.

Like most DA-RC members, 196DA101 Roberto is QRV on the international call frequency, 27.555 MHz USB.

Please see his QSL information, including a copy of his beautiful QSL card, below.


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# Contribution = $3 US or 1 x IRC + SAE