*MEET* 18DA113 Dimitris


flag-greeceIn the country of Greece, in south-eastern Europe, 18DA113 Dimitris joins the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in November 2017.

With 35 years participation in CB and Ham radio, Dimitris is the most practised radio comms hobbyist in his DXCC.  He’s also one of the most popular!

DA-RC membership is a natural reward for such valued efforts!


DimitrisA highly prolific DX Hunter who features consistently in the logs of “Most Wanted” DX stations, the DA-RC’s foundational 18 Division member has worked and confirmed a massive 276 DXCC entities on 11m frequencies.

An enormous QSL collection is evidence of this incredible success and he has notched up similar feats, furthermore, on ham bands as a licensed ham radio operator.

In past work with Alfa Romeo, Echo Tango, Florida Alfa Tango, Alfa Tango and Romeo Charlie DX Groups, Dimitris’ contributions to the 11m DX Community are fully apparent.

This work has also included ‘Country Coordinator’ roles.

Dimitris now looks forward to challenging himself further through membership with the world’s premier DX club…the DA-RC…and embracing the world of dx adventure!


Attica Beach18DA113 Dimitris’ home QTH is Attica, a historical region which encompasses the ancient city of Athens, the capital of present-day Greece.

According to the atlas, Attica is a triangular ‘wedge like’ peninsula jutting into the Aegean Sea, naturally divided to the north from Boeotia by the 16km long Cithaeron mountain range.

AthensTo the west, it’s bordered by the sea and the canal of Corinth, while the Saronic Gulf lies to the south, and the island of Euboea in the La Coruna/Lugo Province IOTA group (EU-077) lies off the north and eastern coasts.

It provides natural harbours for ships and is a popular tourist destination.


Temple of Olympian ZeusAccording to 18DA113 Dimitris, “Athens is famous for its archaeological ruins and monuments…”

This bustling city, however, is also an important center for culture, nightlife and sports…

The ‘National Garden’ with its gorgeous green canopy of trees and vibrant plant life, statues and flowerbeds is a famous landmark.

National GardenOthers include the ‘New Acropolis Museum’ overlooking the city with the largest collection of Greek architecture and ancient sculptures; the highest point in Athens, ‘Mount Lycabettus’, which allows visitors to see all across the Attica basin and the Aegean Sea; the 17m high ‘Temple of Olympian Zeus’ which took nearly seven centuries to complete; one of the legendary pieces of Greek architecture, the ‘Erechtheum’, a temple made from Pentelic marble located on the Acropolis; and so many more.


DimHere, Dimitris’ station consists of an Alinco DX-SR8 transceiver and matching EMS-14 desk microphone, a backup MAAS DX-5000 rig, plus an assortment of top-end DXcessories, including a Zetagi B-303 200 watt amplifier.

An assortment of antennas for ham, as well as an omnidirectional Sirio New Tornado 5/8 vertical for 11m DX, sit atop his apartment in the city, some 196m above sea level.

Dim with petsThis ensures he’s never far off the DX action and capable of punching out big signals across the bands. 

Outside of the shack, 18DA113 Dimitris enjoys the company of his pets — a friendly cat and a dog.  He enjoys listening to 70s music with iconic bands like The Eagles, Deep Purple and Toto featuring regularly on his ‘play-list’.

Dimitris is also a soccer and basketball fan and works as a security guard. 

radio21QSL Infos


P.O Box 28004

Athens 11402 Greece

(No Callsign on the envelope)