*MEET* 18DA011 Eugene

From the Southeastern European country of Greece, much-respected DX Hunter and IOTA DXpeditioner 18DA011 Eugene commits to our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in the penultimate month of 2018.

A former Sugar Delta and Alfa Tango member, Eugene has been a long-time supporter of the DA-RC and is a previous sponsor of DA-RC DXpeditions.

He is excited with his new QRZ and at the prospect of a ‘fresh start’ with a professional bunch of guys.

In the field of dx adventure, 18DA011 Eugene has been QRV from numerous RSGB identified islands and island groups off the coast of 18 Division.

Two standouts activities were conducted from Corfu and Zakynthos islands (See pictured above and right) in the Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region (EU052) group.

As a world-renowned DX Hunter on 11m and ham bands, few guys in Europe hit as many rare or most wanted DX logs as Eugene.

This is because 18DA011 Eugene always has his ‘finger on the pulse’ when it comes to ‘the next big’ thing to appear on the band.

A gigantic 258 DXCC entities confirmed has him in the top tier of DX Hunters in the 11m Community and desperate to hit the elusive 300 mark with his new Club when Cycle 25 kicks into action.

In the shack, this raw DXstruction is accomplished with a Yaesu FT-450 transceiver which TX on eleven amateur bands, from 160 meters through 6 meters.

Above the roof of his Greek abode, overlooking Greek’s capital city, Eugene’s omnidirectional antennas include a half-wave Gain Master with reportedly 1 to 2 dB higher than conventional 5/8 λ ground plane and a 6.7m S-827 which handles an incredible 3000 watts.

Both aluminium super sticks are made by Italian antenna manufacturing giant SIRIO!  [See http://www.sirioantenne.it/en/ ]

18DA011 Eugene’s home QTH is Pangrati or Pagrati, a neighborhood in Central Athens, Greece.

One of the most important landmarks of Pangrati is said to be the Panathinaiko Stadium which hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

The First Cemetery of Athens, the official cemetery for the City of Athens, lies within Pangrati also.

Pangrati has attracted artists from all over Greece, who arrive in the city of Athens to educate themselves and to seek inspiration from its vast pool of artistic resources and galleries.

In fact, poets, novelists, writers, painters, composers and musicians have made Pangrati one of the most important artistic hubs of Athens.

18DA011 Eugene lists the following 2 hobbies and interests outside the realm of ham and 11m radio comms: Music and video games (PlayStation).

No doubt these are the perfect relaxants for a hectic lifestyle in and away from the shack, in Athens’ majestic Mediterranean WX!