*EDITORIAL* Lady DXers – The Norm?

In recent years, there’s been an influx of lady DXers to the radio comms hobby — ham radio and eleven meters — both have attracted many new female personalities!

This evidence (i.e. QSL confirmation cards, radio shack photographs, QSO details, even dxpedition proofs, etc.) has been plastered all over social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the wide world to see.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive too!

In the past, though, rightly or wrongly, a lady DXer on the microphone was seen more of a novelty of sorts by her male counterparts rather than a genuine associate — a sideshow to the serious happenings of the radio world.

These lady ops tended to be of the YL (girlfriend) or XYL (wife) variety, dragged into the shack begrudgingly by more experienced male spouses keen to let loose a female voice on the air and see the buzz it created amongst his radio mates!

Alternatively, they were secretaries of the local radio club, charged with catering efforts at club bbqs, collecting annual fees from the OM’s at AGMS or selling raffle tickets at radio club social events; rather than serious DX Hunters or DXpeditioners.

Not anymore.  No.

These days the gender landscape in radio comms, however, is much different.  Much more balanced.  Much more gender neutral.

Not only are lady DX Hunters more common place on the air in modern times but their roles have diversified.  Their presence and leadership work is, now, much more pronounced.

Rather than being a guest of the radio shack, and being invited to make the occasional QSO, these ladies now own the mic.

14cam081Instead of being looked upon as a ‘novelty’ on the DX stage they’re now viewed as a colleague, a team mate or fellow clubman.  Most hobbyists would argue, “It’s about time too!”

Essentially, this has added an exciting new dimension to the hobby too — a better one — with women now commanding important roles on significant DXpedition teams also.

And no, not just as administrative assistants or PR managers, but as Team Leaders, Reconnoitres of major dx adventure teams entrusted with major responsibility, or Managers of the pileups!

Still on the subject of gender parity and another fascinating development in the contemporary radio comms ionosphere is the emergence of the husband/wife DXpedition team; one where roles are shared and equivalent contributions to the team’s success by partners are the expectation, rather than an eventuation achieved by good luck.

World renowned DXpedition teams like the DA-RC Globetrotters (Syl and Roy) on the Mediterranean island of Corsica and John and Dorota from the Free DXers radio club in France stand out as pioneers in this department; high profile husband and wife teams that have achieved outstanding success in the most demanding DXpedition markets; dx adventures where same gender team members with similar challenges might have failed.

Our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) recognises the achievements of women in radio comms and pays homage to their fabulous contributions, not just in recent times, but over the last 100 years that have defined the pastime as we know it.

Furthermore, to celebrate these wonderful offerings and to facilitate the involvement of more great women in our great hobby, the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) has a very special membership deal indeed — FREE membership to any female DXer (ham or 11m operator) for the month of April.  That’s a saving of 30 Euro.

If you would like to take advantage of this special offer then please contact the DA-RC HQ Team for more information.

We can arrange a special membership package for you and set you up with some of the world’s best DXpeditioners, including our leading lady dx adventurist Syl in Corsica, if needed, as a mentor.