*MEET* 161DA010 Maciek

The DA-RC is pleased to introduce to you 161DA010 Maciek from the Republic of Poland in central Europe.

Renowned as a big gun DX Hunter in the 11m DX Community, Maciek has confirmed more than 200 DXCC and continues to strive for the elusive “new ones”.

161DA010 Maciek’s QTH is the small village of Gołkowice in southern Poland, not far from the Czech Republic (329 Division).  The sleepy village has a population of just over 3000 people and is known as the location of a spectacular old wooden church named ‘The Saint Anne’ which was built back in 1878.

Maciek’s deep-seated passion for radio communications first started in the 1990’s with walkie talkies and SWL on CB frequencies.  A friendship with 161SC074 Jack who had an established station then inspired him to build his own.  The rest is history!

Maciek’s first QRZ for Freeband DX work was 161MT095.  In 2009 he joined forces with the Alfa Radio SSB DX Group in which he was known as 161AR101.

Fast forward to January 2014 though and he’s proud to be a new member of the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC)!

Away from the shack and Maciek has recently built a new house.  He enjoys spending time walking with his lovely wife Aleksandra, playing with his young Irish Terrier, photography, sport, nature, motorbike riding and more.

In addition to chasing DX on his favourite band, Maciek likes testing different types of antennas…spider beams, verticals, yagis and more.  Like many DA-RC members, he has a strong interest in ham radio also and hopes to obtain his full call soon.

Maciek’s station is an impressive one with Icom IC-7600 and Ranger RCI-2950DX transceivers taking pride of place on his shack bench top.  Outside, a huge 6 element yagi made by SP3GEM on a military tower and a vertical Proton Procomm PT-99 on his roof ensures his signal packs a huge punch.

This guarantees he’s always one of the loudest Polish stations when the band is open!

QSL Information:

  • Will QSL First