*DX NEWS* 14VC078 Celebrates Success

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) DXtreme (Delta-Alfa) Team Challenge was arguably the most popular contest event of 2014!  Not only was it one of the most widely supported of competitive DX events but it also promised some incredible prizes for successful participants.  AND IT DELIVERED TOO!

France based 11m DX Contester Mr Jean Pierre 14VC078 was very excited to receive his brilliant prize recently for his 3rd place in the DA-RC Contest — 50 full colour, professionally printed QSL confirmation cards printed by TOPQSL.  Awesome!

As you can see, the finished product is very impressive indeed! One of the best known and most respected QSL Card companies in Europe for 11m, Ham and CB radio hobbyists, TOPQSL offers a wide range of outstanding QSL products at competitive prices.

The Project Manager , on behalf of all associated with the contest, including DA and non-DA members, would like to thank TOPQSL for their generous sponsorship of the 2014 Team Challenge.

To check out TOPQSL’s complete range of products and prices, see: http://www.topqsl.com.

See you in DA Team Challenge 2015!