*DXPEDITION REPORT* 14DA/37001R, Bouchard Island


20160821_120748Feeling energized for dx adventure, I came to the pocket-sized Island Bouchard on August 21 2016 about 9:30am local time to find a quiet place for the station.

I erected a homemade one element wire/fibreglass Bambi antenna alongside my vehicle (See below), with the IC-706 MK II transceiver, on the banks of the picturesque Vienne River.

And soon I had the mic in hand and was ready to commence the Inland Water Island (IWI) activity.


The first SWL test was okay and it was time for the first “CQ DX” call as 14DA/37001R.  This was made on the International Call Frequency…27.555 MHz USB.


20160822_113205After my first CQ call, I QSYed to 27.600 MHz USB and was happy to work fellow Frenchman 14DX181 Marc first.

Stations from 4 DXCC (Denmark [47], France [14], Germany [13], Poland [161], Sweden [21] were logged sporadically until 11:30am due to low conditions.

Among them were 2 Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members: 14DA017 Laurent and 14DA014 Phil.

The solution — I decided to dismantle the Bambi and switch to QRT with just 20 stations contacted.

Thank you all for your participation and congratulations to the small list of guys who made the log (See below).

QSL via:
BP:15  CP:49360

73 de Fred, 14DA049


  • 14DX181
  • 14DA017
  • 14SD143
  • 14DA014
  • 14FAT132
  • 14SD311
  • 14IR109
  • 47DX101
  • 13OP020
  • 47DX137
  • 14HR062
  • 14DX049/M
  • 14AT592
  • 14AT047
  • 161EX015
  • 161RC155
  • 21DX014
  • 14CV59
  • 14AT049