*MEET* 14DA069 Thierry

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is excited to introduce to you 14DA069 Thierry from the Western European nation of France.

Thierry was born in 1960, is married, and now enjoying the quiet life as a retiree.

History reveals that Thierry was active on 27 MHz radio in 1974 and started big DX in 1978.

Extraordinarily, 14DA069 Thierry achieves DA-RC Membership by satisfying stringent criteria in all 3 membership categories — DX Hunter / Dxpeditioner / DX Leadership

[ See https://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/ ].

In times gone by, Thierry was the founder of several DX groups, including the biggest—OMEGA DX—in the late 80s.

In fact, this famous club had a presence on all continents.

As an avid dxpeditioner, Thierry’s activations in the early days of Freeband DX included 51OMEGA/0 Andorra (with 14DA029 Pat), 30OMEGA/0 Spain, 55OMEGA/0 Gibraltar, 22OMEGA/0 French Guiana, 91OMEGA/0 Indonesia, and several Lighthouse On The Air (LOTA), lakes and Special Event Stations (SES).

What’s more, Thierry still has a burning desire to activate islands and lighthouses over the course of the new solar cycle with his new Delta-Alfa callsign.

14DA069 Thierry is proud to have accumulated 250 divisions on the 11m band during his days as an OMEGA and Romeo Charlie member and this entitles him to elite ‘DX Hunter’ status.

These days, his work station is a TS-870S HF transceiver by Kenwood and an  IC-7300 by Icom.

And of course a Cubical Quad antenna, seen pictured below.

When he’s not behind the microphone chasing international DX, 14DA069 Thierry enjoys designing and constructing antennas.

“In the 90’s, I made 2-8 element quad antennas,” he recalls.

“I sold them everywhere in France, and even travelled to install them…”

14DA069 Thierry’s passions—apart from 11m radio activations—are gardening, growing crops, and ‘van life’ along the rugged Brittany coastline.

In fact, the van was reportedly fitted by Thierry himself!

An interesting point is that 14DA069 Thierry once lived in Indonesia (91 Division) for 3 years on the island of Lombok.

A qualified diving instructor, he had a club there on a small islet.

In addition to dx adventure, next year Thierry hopes to meet up with his buddy 14DA029 Pat and other DA guys to do what he did 30 years ago here in Brittany.

“Next year, I’ll celebrate 50 years of radio—there were QQ holes, but hey…”

14DA069 Thierry looks forward to working some great DX in the coming years and is QRV mostly on the International Call Frequency 27.555 MHz USB.


“Will QSL First”