*MEET* 14DA057 Greg

photos-greg-001Possessing a scrapbook overflowing with impressive DXpedition achievements, few rate as highly in the dx adventure arena than 14DA057 Greg (Pictured above, right and below) who joins our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in June 2015.

One of France’s best known and most dynamic hobbyists, Greg brings an abundance of intelligence and proficiency to the DA-RC, not just in the exciting field of dxpedition work, but also as one of Europe’s most thriving DX Hunters.

As a former member of Radio Sugar, International Radio (1998) and Sugar Delta (1999) clubs respectively, Greg has amassed an incredible 290 DXCC entities worked and confirmed on the world’s premier DX band…11m.

On ham bands, too, the quantity is equally as inspiring in recent years thanks to an enthusiastic ‘work ethic’ and an imposing antenna farm which hosts famous brand antennas such as Mosely, HB9CV, Solarcon and more.

In the niche discipline of DXpedition work, in which DA-RC members are famous, 14DA057 Greg’s field work from IOTA, SOTA, LOTA, IWI and DXCC entities has satisfied the hunger of eager DX Hunters the world over.

In addition to a huge collection of islands from a range of RSGB and DIFM island groups, inland water isles and ARLHS listed sea-side lights and beacons, Greg has operated DX stations in Wales (163), Luxembourg (54), Monaco (107), Switzerland (15), Jersey, Guernsey, Austria (35), Belgium (16), the Netherlands (19), Liechtenstein (40) and, of course, his home country of France (14).

“For me, it’s not the importance of the DXCC but the quality of the contact,” explains Greg.  “I like also radio DX’ing because on this way of communication we don’t meet any kind of discrimination, racism or intolerance between people…”

In addition to both operating as and chasing rare DX, and experiencing the adrenaline rush of dx adventure, Greg lists contesting, portable/field operations and exchanging QSL cards as some of his preferred hobby encounters.

He’s also been known to get behind some of the DX Community’s big DXpedition events by way of sponsorship too which demonstrates his commitment to the hobby and to fellow hobbyists, regardless of the club involved.

Beyond our favourite radio communications hobby, 14DA057 Greg identifies travelling and trekking as two of his favourite pastimes.

“I also practise sports like basketball and table tennis,” he explains.  I’m a big football fan and my favorite team is Saint Etienne’s football club (The local Team), a famous one in our country. I also enjoy travelling, meet new people, discover new culture…

Obviously, this aligns perfectly with his penchant for dx adventure as he’s regularly able to combine both, enjoying all the wonders the great outdoors can offer.

At the time of publication, 14DA057 Greg’s current working conditions include:

  • Radio TX-RX : Yaesu FT-900 or Icom IC-718
  • Microphone: Yaesu MD-100 or Kenwood MC-80
  • External Speaker: Yaesu SP-2000
  • Power Supply: Maas SPS 50 II & AFX-2795
  • Measure: Daiwa CN-801 or Syncron TWM-1000 NLS
  • Antenna: Solarcon Antron 9,9 or HB9CV 2 Elements
  • Rotator: Yaesu G450-C

Obviously, this is an impressive station indeed — one you’ll no doubt be hearing across the bands when Greg is active from his home QTH in France, the indubitable DX hot-spot of the world!