*MEET* 14DA050 Bruno


Our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is proud to introduce to you 14DA050 Bruno from north-western France, one of the most experienced and well respected radio club administrators.

With almost 200 DXCC, 500 islands and a colossal number of lighthouses and castles worked and confirmed in his DX Hunter resume, 14DA050 Bruno (ex-14HF002) is also one of the world’s most committed DX Hunters.

Here is Bruno’s personally written introductory article…

Hello.  My name is Bruno, I was born in 1967.  I live in Tourlaville near Cherbourg in the department 50 (La Manche) located 40 km from Sainte Mere Eglise.  This area is famous for its World War II landing, the parachute clings to the church during 1944 and the 50 kilometres of beautiful beaches and tranquil blue seascapes.

A picturesque city and commune situated on the Cotentin peninsula in the Manche department of Lower Normandy in north-western France, Cherbourg is a city of 45,000 inhabitants bordered by sea.  Jersey (The islands) (167 Division) and Guernsey (169 Division) are approximately 50 km away.


maxresdefaultIn terms of radio communications, I started on the AM mode in 1991 with a president Herbert 40-CX transceiver and a mobile antenna called a President Missouri.

A good friend introduced me to the wondrous DX world shortly after and I’ve never looked back, committing to a range of great radio clubs and exciting DX projects ever since!

Back then I teamed it with a mobile SS-3900 transceiver and a Dakota antenna, a Mico 5/8 ground plane 27, and on my friend’s advice, started listening on the eleven meter band in order to understand how to achieve a QSO.

superstar_3900-2Six months later, in 1992, I joined the Delta-Fox group Maurepas (78) with my first indication 14DF1257.  Later, for various reasons, I moved on and registered with a new group…Florida Radio International with my callsign being 14FRI125.  This was a very successful club with many notable achievements over the period of its existence.

A few years later, following the unfortunate close of the FRI, I started as a secretary in a small local group, the Alpha 14A004.  While the group prospered for a while, the decline was due to the lack of motivation of OMs so I bounced to Sugar Delta with 14SD236 as my call.

Tourlaville.8In this club, I was as an ordinary member at first, but progressed to Regional Director, then as Vice President and Treasurer afterwards, enjoying many years of great times with the club.

Over time however the group philosophy changed, so I co-founded the Hotel Florida DX Group with my new callsign being 14HF002.  Here I exerted the functions of QSL Manager, Vice President and lastly Treasurer and enjoyed some wonderful times in the club, overseeing the early years of success.

After five years though, I’m looking for something more challenging to do in radio without the unnecessary pressure, just as I like it.  The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) and my new callsign 14DA050 is the perfect fit!

About my interests on 11m now and my primary goal in modern times is hunting Islands On The Air (IOTA) references as well as IWI, LOTA, DXCC, MOTA and COTA entities.  I’m not at all a Special Event Station (S.E.S.) fighter, however, I do like to also hunt regions and provinces.

From time to time I go out to activate in the field with hobby friends but I mostly enjoy the thrill of the chase, of hunting DX with a radio station which is actually quite simple.

Eventually, a basic 10m Galaxy Saturn home base rig replaced the faithful SS-3900 radio associated with a micro GPF2000 MB + 4, and BV131, BV600 then a boost for all.

In recent years, this station was replaced with a more sophisticated Kenwood TS-570 transceiver associated with a matching MC-60 desk microphone, a President Black Pirate 5R antenna and various other DX-cessories.  This remains my current station!

Picture1333Other than that, my other leisure pursuit is motorcycling, a hobby which I’ve enjoyed for over 20 years.  On this note, I possess a 1200 Kawasaki ZZR motorcycle at home.  I also compete in the Moto GP races and the super bikes races, enjoying anything compared with the ultimate speed on the track.

I hope you enjoyed this small preview of myself.

I hope to meet with you very soon on the air.