*MEET* 14DA044 Herve & 14DA037 Viviane

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is delighted to introduce to you high performing husband and wife team 14DA044 Herve & 14DA037 Viviane from western France who join our Club in November 2020.

Well-known 11m databases confirm that both 14DA044 Herve & 14DA037 Viviane (Pictured above) are experienced in the high-octane area of DXpedition work, having nailed several Islands On The Air and Inland Water Islands (IWI) activities in the past.

Many of these European IOTA, NV/IOTA and DIFM dx adventures were carried out with close friends in the DA-RC such as 14DA049 Fred; others under the banner of the well respected Free DXers (FDX) club.

In addition to fulfilling DA-RC Membership in the ‘DXpeditioner’ category both 14DA044 Herve & 14DA037 Viviane qualify for Delta-Alfa callsigns in the ‘DX Hunter’ category (See https://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/).

Over a period of a quarter of a decade QRV in radio comms, 14DA044 Herve has racked up an eye-catching 260 DXCC worked and confirmed, as well as a long list of IOTA entities.

Like her husband, 14DA037 Viviane is also an enthusiastic and accomplished DX Hunter, with 100+ DXCC to her name, as well as many of Europe’s islands.

In fact, 14DA037 Viviane is equally at home behind the microphone of their IC-7300 or Kenwood TS-570 transceivers too which take centre stage in the couple’s radio shack.

Outside, a 5 element yagi provides a powerful impetus for TX signals too, ensuring the couple’s signal is always a prominent one on the world’s best HF band, 11m.

Both DXCC tallies are sure to increase in the coming years with the onset of Cycle 25 and the likelihood of some exciting DXpedition work by members of the Dx Adventure Radio Club in particular.

14DA044 Herve & 14DA037 Viviane’s QTH is Langeais, a commune in the Indre-et-Loire department in central France in the region of Centre-Val-de-Loire.

Bordering six other regions, Centre-Val-de-Loire borders the most of all 18 regions in France.

They include Normandy on the northwest, Île-de-France on the northeast, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté on the east, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes on the southeast, Nouvelle-Aquitaine on the south and southwest, and Pays de la Loire on the west.

The commune, Langeais, has a church of the 11th, 12th and 15th centuries, but is chiefly interesting for its large and historic château built soon after the middle of the 15th century by Jean Bourré, minister of Louis XI.

An exciting Castles and Fortresses On The Air (COTA) (CF) opportunity for this motivated husband and wife team, the Château de Langeais was built on a promontory created by the small valley of the Roumer River at the opening to the Loire Valley.

Here the marriage of Charles VIII and Anne of Brittany took place in 1491.

In the park, are the ruins of a keep of late 10th century architecture, built by Fulk Nerra (Black Hawk in old French), count of Anjou.

According to 14DA044 Herve, there are 6 other medieval castles in the surrounding region which would make for an interesting COTA Tour.

Some include: Château de l’Islette, La Forteresse de Montbazon, Château de Villandry, Chateau de Maintenon and others.

When they’re not chasing DX, active in the field or rag chewing with friends on 27 MHz frequencies, our husband and wife team prefer the fresh air of the great outdoors.

Their leisure pursuits include sea and river fishing, as well as fixed and portable radio operations whilst travelling in a motorhome through France.

You’ll hear 14DA044 Herve & 14DA037 Vivianee QRV on any one of the world’s 11m calling frequencies — either portable in the field from a small island dxstination, from their motorhome in the countryside, or from their home radio shack.

They’re always great company for a rag chew too if propagation permits and keen to exchange QSL cards with any DX contact!


“Will QSL First”