*MEET* 14DA041 Jean-Claude

chambord-chateau-de-chambordPreviously identifiable on 11m with the callsigns 14SD581, 14DR581 and 14GT041 respectively, Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 14DA041 Jean-Claude has worked and confirmed an astonishing 260 DXCC and 305 islands during his time in the hobby.

In addition to easily complying with the DX Chaser classification for DA-RC Membership, Jean-Claude is also experienced in the realm of regional DX work having worked as 14GT/D41 LOIR ET CHER with friends from the Golf Tango International DX Group in early 201o.  He’s also known in the area of Special Event Station (SES) through his efforts in the HB/5 Birthday celebrations for the same group back in 2009.

Confirming a reputation as one of France’s most well-known and popular radio ops since joining with the DA-RC back in early July 2010, 14DA041 Jean-Claude resides in the capital of Loir-et-Cher department, Blois, on the banks of the lower river Loire between Orléans and Tours.

In addition to an 18th century stone bridge which spans the Loire, as well as its winding and steep pathways which run which through Jean-Claude’s city, this beautiful QTH is famous for the Château de Blois, a Renaissance château once occupied by King Louis XII, which is located in the centre of the city.

The royal castle of Blois is not only one of the most prestigious Renaissance monuments in all of France but also a brilliant illustration of the evolution of the French architecture from the Middle Ages to the 17th century.

“There are some local castles around here to activate,” says JC, “I’ll try to do some Castles On The Air (COTA) activities for the DA-RC in the future.  Of course, I’m very interested to contact all the other Delta-Alfa guys on the air also…!”

When he’s not in the radio shack chasing DX from behind the mic of his Kenwood rigs or working DX from the field, Jean-Claude enjoys spending time in the great outdoors by the banks of the Loire Rive with a fishing rod in hand.

By all reports, the Loire River which is regarded by many as the last wild river in Western Europe, is a major salmon fishery for France.  The fast or slow-flowing waters of the Loire river are Jean-Claude’s favourite spot for tackling trout, tench, carp, pike and sea mullet, which during the summer swim back up the river as far as Amboise.

14DA041 JCHe also enjoys listening to the music of drummer Christian Morissette, on-line Facebook gaming and spending time with his grandchildren.

“I’m glad to join a stable and friendly group where the HQ is really independent and not a dictatorial HQ,” reaffirms JC.  “I want to do radio for the pleasure and not more else — like other DA-RC members!”

QSL Information:

  • Jean-Claude, PO Box 90833, 41008, Blois Cedex, Dept. 41, France