*MEET* 14DA033 Laurent

The western France commune of Saint-Lyphard in the Loire-Atlantique department is home QTH to accomplished eleven meter DXer 14DA033 Laurent.

Through previous associations with former clubs (Fox Radio, Florida Alfa Tango and the Zolou Kilo DX Group) 14DA033 Laurent has carved out a reputation as being a DXpeditioner of some note, with many successful ventures in the field to diminutive French Isles and lighthouses on far-flung coastlines, as well as a long list of Mills also.

In 2006, for example, Laurent teamed up with members of the Fox Radio club for an activation of Hoedic Island off the south coast of Brittany in north-western France as 14FR/AT-017 (See bottom right).

In 2009, Laurent also took to the shores of delightful Bacchus Island for a DIFM activation as 14ZK/AT-139 and later from the 220 year old Pointe du Scal/Vilaine lighthouse as 14ZK/FRA-602 (See left).

In addition to achieving the DXpeditioner classification for DA-RC membership, Laurent also qualifies in the DX Chaser category with 160 DXCC worked and confirmed to his name.

Laurent’s interest in radio communications is far deeper than his love for hunting DX, participating in contests on 11m, exchanging QSL cards and a thirst for IOTA, IWI, MILL and SOTA adventures.  In fact, he has a number of sub-interests in the hobby which include radio engineering, scanning and HIFI-SSB audio which occupy his time!

STATIONA quick listen to some of the Youtube videos recorded of Laurent’s fantastic audio confirm this 😉

When he’s not behind the Behringer studio microphone of his Yaesu FT-450 or the Yaesu MD-100 of his FT-9000 in his home shack or out DXing in the field, 14DA033 Laurent enjoys trekking through bushland on hills and mountains and spending time with his extended family which also includes a couple of much loved dogs.

To check out Laurent’s personal website infos, please click HERE.


QSL Information

  • Please contact Laurent at 14da033 @ gmail.com to discuss an exchange of QSL cards.