*MEET* 14DA027 Jean Marc

d_operator-r8ef3f2a8e65144148fd446f7f6668146_xvuat_8byvr_512Renewing his membership with our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in September 2017, 14DA027 Jean Marc (Pictured above middle) is an ultra successful ham and 11m DX enthusiast in northern France; a guy who epitomises the spirit of DA-RC’s core values.

Living in the Nord department, Jean Marc has experience in radio comms dating back almost 30 years.  As a result, he is a wealth of hobby knowledge, and always keen to share some advice or lend a hand to his radio mates.

A skilled DXpeditioner and profitable DX Hunter on all bands, 14DA027 Jean-Marc has more than 220 DXCC to his credit through previous affiliations with Hotel Florida (HF) and Romeo Charlie (RC), and a standing as one of the leading 11m DX Hunters in Europe.

DA-RC log databases prove he’s a regular in the logs of various Dx Adventure Teams, notching contacts with some of our club’s most prominent IWI, IOTA and DXCC DXpedition events in recent years.

Jean-Marc’s home in western Europe is in the commune of Valenciennes by the shores of the picturesque Scheldt River, lying just a stone’s throw from the Belgian border.

This pretty region is renowned for its university, the Valenciennes town hall, its football club (VA, Les Athéniens) (which currently plays in Ligue 2, the second tier of French football), the Dodenne Tower (the remaining part of mediaeval fortifications) and the Museum of Fine Arts of Valenciennes.

14DA027 Jean-Marc lists a President Lincoln, RCI-2950 and Yaesu FT-290 as being just a few fave features of his radio shack bench top, with  a 4 element yagi, Bamby and Skypper providing high quality antennas for serious home base and/or portable DX.

In addition to a healthy appetite for DX Hunting, exchanging QSL cards, constructing antennas and Dx Adventure, 14DA027 Jean-Marc enjoys website design and has created an online presence for his work with Echo Delta, Sugar Delta and Hotel Florida in the past. He also likes cars such as the stylish GT500 Ford Mustang and listening to music by icons Lionel Richie, Paul McCartney, Sting, Pink Floyd and more.

These topics will no doubt provide plenty of on-air conversation points for fellow DA-RC members and other radio friends when the propagation hots up with Jean Marc’s part of the world!


  • “Will QSL First”