*MEET* 14DA021 Eric

NordFlagThe Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is pleased to welcome popular and highly successful Eleven Meter Band DXer 14DA021 Eric to our ranks in late December 2015.

Here is Eric’s personally written story for the ‘Meet the Members’ section……

Let me introduce myself — My name is Eric and I’m 53 years old.  My nickname is ‘Riton’.

I live in the Nord Pas de Calais (Department 62) on the tranquil shores of the English Channel and North Sea, next to the city of Arras.

This is approximately 50km from Belgium (16 Division) and 200km from the French capital Paris.

My home commune is ‘Saint-Laurent-Blangy’ which is a light industrial suburb and river port on the northeast side of Arras in Northern France.

A couple of interesting facts about my QTH are that famous Roman Catholic saint ‘Joan of Arc’ was imprisoned here at the chateau, after her capture at Compiègne.

The town was also completely destroyed during the First World War.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries (See left) are other fascinating features of my local area.


I started in the radio communications hobby in 1996 via AM and FM modes.  My first callsign was CBC ‘Charlie Bravo Charlie’ cognac.

After a few years I had several active callsigns, one of which — ROMEO MIKE CHARLIE — I held dear to my heart as I was the Vice President of the Group.

In the last decade I’ve enjoyed memberships with Romeo Charlie (14RC062) and Hotel Florida (14HF062) and also used my independent callsign… 14EDX001.

Now I’m very excited, however, to be a member of the DA-RC and be issued with a special Delta-Alfa QRZ…14DA021 Eric.

In the field of DXpedition work, I’ve activated many IOTA, IWI, COTA, MOTA in the past, as well as 4 DXCC: Italy (1), Belgium (16), Balearic Islands (49) and Crete (90).

In recent times, I’ve teamed with good friends and fellow DA-RC members 14DA028 Phil, 14DA057 Greg and 14DA049 Fred for many IOTA and IWI activations (See above).

As a committed DX Hunter, I’ve worked and confirmed 250 DXCC, as well as a large number of Islands.  I do like to chase everything that shows on the strip of 11m but preferably new DXCC, Islands On The Air (IOTA) and/or Inland Water Islands (IWI).

I’m also interested in contesting and have achieved good success in MIL, IWI-Kend and Islands Festival Weekends.  These awards are special features of my shack.

My radio shack (See below) currently consists of a Yaesu FT-2000 transceiver with a CM11 Pronomic studio microphone, a DXSR 5 elements antenna on a mast with a height of 11m, a Yaesu G800DXA Rotor and a Zetagi BV2001 amplifier.  World prefix maps are also a valuable shack resource.

My portable station for field DX work includes Yaesu FT857D and ICOM 706 MK2 transceivers, lightweight Bamby and Skypper wire antennas, an RM -KL400 amplifier and my Citroën Berlingo van.  This allows me to get away fast for some DX action when the opportunity permits.

Away from the radio comms pastime, one of my main interests is bike riding.  I enjoy the outdoors and this is one way to relax and keep fit at the same time.

I look forward to meeting you on the air soon for an enjoyable QSO or having you ITL during one of my upcoming dx adventures!

QSL Information

  • ERIC — 40 Rte de Feuchy  (Residence Kennedy) 62223 ST LAURENT BLANGY  FRANCE
  • To see Eric’s fabulous QSL design, click HERE