*MEET* 14DA020 Pascal

If you were penning a description of what it means to be a DX Hunter on the world’s best HF DX band, then you’d look no further than this notable guy for inspiration…

From the mesmerizing Manche department in Normandy, north-western France, the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is thrilled to welcome new member 14DA020 Pascal.

Linking with our club in late June, 2024, 14DA020 Pascal is regarded in the 11m DX Community as an elite DX Hunter.

In actual fact, his burgeoning stats and long list of awards paint a precise picture of an ability to track down and log most wanted DX.

A mind-boggling 279 DXCC entities worked from his home in western Europe since 1985, furthermore, has him banging on the door of the cherished ‘300 Club’ and our man Pascal is determined to arrive there soon!

The pages of history confirm that 14DA020 Pascal has represented—always with distinction—several groups in the past 40 years, including Alfa Tango (AT) and Sugar Delta (SD).

During this time, he’s experimented with DXpedition work from local fortifications, with Special Event (SES) activity commemorating war-time events, and much, more more!

According to the newest member of our famed French Team, however, Pascal is most excited about linking with the DA-RC and embarking on some new adventures through the remnants of solar cycle 25 and beyond!

In addition to being one of the largest DX markets in the world, 14DA020 Pascal’s DXCC, France, is renowned for its iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and Palace of Versailles.

It’s also famous for its exquisite cuisine, fine wines, fashion houses, and picturesque countryside dotted with charming villages and vineyards.

A peek inside the pages of the DA-RC Membership Directory sees that 14DA020 Pascal resides in once such location—the small town of Saint-Fromond—in the northern part of the country.

It’s reportedly a quiet and peaceful QTH, surrounded by camping grounds such as the Motorhome Aire on the banks of the Vire River, and the La Rougerie Ferme set on beautiful farmland; the Normandy landing beaches of Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword, and the nearby medieval town of Bayeux.

For DX Hunters, though, potential Castles On The Air (COTA) DXstination, Château De La Rivière, is one of the most majestic local landmarks of them all…

Referenced as CF-50017 where the letters ‘C’ & ‘F’ are an acronym for Castles & Fortresses, this structure will no doubt be on Pascal’s DX adventure radar in the near future!

Built around 1090 by Odo de Carteville, half-brother of William the Conqueror, the Château de la Rivière was known to have been then battered by the waves on the banks of the English Channel in the Vire estuary.

Today, however, it’s located in the marshes of St-Fromond, about 10 km from the coast, and close proximity to potential IOTA DXstinations in the English Channel such as the incredibly beautiful Channel Islands (EU-013).

With his home-shack under the microscope now and 14DA020 Pascal’s preferred rig is a TS-140S by Kenwood.

Apparently, this has been modified for general coverage to include 26-27 MHz where its numerous features are a massive advantage on the temperamental band that is eleven meters.

Eham Reviews describe the TS-140S as a vintage, high-performance HF transceiver; one which is designed for SSB, CW, AM and FM modes of operation on all amateur bands (160-10 Meters).

Alongside this popular little Kenwood model, sharing bench space with a host of other leading DX-cessories, 14DA020 Pascal employs an ALINCO DX70 transceiver.

Regarded by many as the world’s smallest HF rig, this is an impressive 100-watt, HF + 50MHz all-mode ‘DX Slayer’ which boasts, among other things, a super quiet receiver and meltingly warm audio.

Weighing in at 2.7 kg, 14DA020 Pascal finds it to be wonderful for portable use too and a reliable backup rig indeed for his home station.

In addition to antenna fabrication, 14DA020 Pascal demonstrates a passion for the ancestry of music and the little known subject of music genealogy.

This refers to the practice of genre innovation and the evolutionary biology of instruments, voice and lyrics in the hunt for new sounds and sub-genres

Pascal also loves gardening, motor sports, boats and animals.

Active on cluster message boards and a prominent member of the close-knit 11m DX social media community, 14DA020 Pascal is always available for a ragchew on or off the airways.

He’s QRV, most days of the week, on the international call frequency 27.555 MHz USB and eager to pounce on any openings that might present, re-connecting with far-away DX stations when propagation permits and, of course, good radio mates.

Check out his QSL exchange information below…


2 Rue Leon Avoine CP 50620 Saint Fromond France