*MEET* 14DA018 Nick

In the corrals of western Europe (EU), the République Française is home to distinguished Freeband DX predator and qualified ham operator 14DA018 Nick.

And we’re so grateful to have him on board too!

A pleasant and respected guy in the EU radio comms fold, 14DA018 Nick links with our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in August 2023, on the dawn of solar cycle 25.

The DA-RC International HQ Team substantiates that our new affiliate—14DA018 Nick—attains membership via the DX Hunter category with an inspiring 265 DXCC entities worked and confirmed.

See https://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/.

Intriguingly, all of these entities were attained during his first 7 years of activity—an incredible feat indeed in such a fleeting space of time!

Notably, 14DA018 Nick also suits membership requirements in the DXpeditioner Category with DX diffusions from 3 further countries.

Evidence confirms that he’s been QRV as 15FAT/DX from Switzerland in central EU; and as 136/14FAT118 from the picturesque Caribbean island of Martinique.

Cluster data bases also confirm that Nick undertook a fruitful, log-heavy dxpedition to the Principality of Monaco where he was QRV as 107IR/0.

Excitedly, high on his DXpedition agenda—in the not so distant future—are dx adventures to ‘Most Wanted’ entities.

Market Reef (213 Division) in the Baltic Sea, and Svalbard islands (171 Division), an icy Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole, have been highlighted.

Either activity will, no doubt, be supported by the DA-RC’s extensive community of DXpedition sponsors!

Times past expose that 14DA018 Nick has been functional in radio comms for almost three decades.

This makes him one of the most experienced guys in our club!

“I started Citizens Band (CB) radio at the beginning of 1995,” says 14DA018 Nick.

“I then became a ham soon after.”

In his early years, Nick enjoyed memberships with Florida Alfa Tango (FAT), Sugar Delta (SD) and later International Radio (IR) respectively.

These days, however, his future is settled with the DA-RC, and a special Delta-Alfa callsign for use on the world’s best DX stage, eleven meters.

On this note, 14DA018 Nick has compiled an impressive station for DX work on 27 MHz frequencies, as well as the customary ham bands.

Especially on 30m, 10m, 17m and 6m.

14DA018 Nick’s home QTH is Chabeuil, a commune of the Drôme department in southeastern France and Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

Bordered by Ardèche to the west, Isère to the north and east, Hautes-Alpes to the east, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence to the southeast and Vaucluse to the south, Drôme is the southernmost department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of Southeastern France—in the prefecture of Valence.

Named after the river Drôme, this region had a population of 516,762 as of 2019.

In the home shack, an ICOM IC-7300 (Shown below) transciever attracts attention as his major DX armament.

Ideal for dxpedition work due to its compact size and light-weight, or as a home base radio, this sensational modern day rig is especially renowned for its high performance Real-Time Spectrum Scope.

Other exciting specs for 14DA018 Nick’s rig are RF direct sampling, as well as its 15 band pass filters which provide crisp and clear audio when RX radio signals.

Above his home in France, high above the rooftop is a home-made multi-band vertical antenna, along with a 4 element yagi for 10m/11m use.

These ensure his transmissions are always at the forefront of international DX work and capable of accessing even the most remote of stations.

In addition to chasing rare DX contacts on numerous bands, 14DA018 Nick has an immense appetite for telegraphy, Mores Code and EME experimentation.

14DA018 Nick’s hobbies and interests away from radio comms are diverse.

For starters, physical fitness is a priority in Nick’s life.

He enjoys jogging to stay in shape, as well as the ancient art of martial arts for physical, mental, and spiritual development.

Nick also lists Black Ball pool as a favoured past time.

This is a variation of billiards, played on smaller 7 foot tables, with 15 coloured balls and the cue ball.

On eleven meters, 14DA018 Nick monitors the worldwide call frequency—27.555 MHz USB.

He’s looking forward to re-establishing himself as one of the pre-eminent DX Hunters in Europe and will no doubt feature heavily in the logs of major dxpeditions in the years to come!


“Will QSL First”