*MEET* 14DA016 Rodolphe

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is pleased to introduce to you 14DA016 Rodolphe from the village of Vassy in north-western France.

A past member of the well-known Sugar Delta group where his QRZ was 14SD061, Rodolphe joins the DA-RC in February 2014, qualifying for membership in the DX Hunter, DXpeditioner and DX Leadership categories (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/).

With more than 290 DXCC, 900+ islands, 60 lighthouses and 40 castles worked and confirmed to his credit through 26—27 MHz frequencies, 14DA016 Rodolphe’s status as one of the Freeband Community’s most intensely committed and relentless DXers is apparent to all.

In the competitive realm of contesting, Rodolphe finished at the summit of Florida Alfa Tango’s 2013 Tour de France (TDF) challenge.

He’s already set his sights on success in DA-RC’s IOTA Challenge too and, with a 4 element yagi at good height targeting the gigantic number of island activities on the DX calendar, will no doubt be one of the front-runners in this year’s event!

In the field of DXpedition work, 14DA016 Rodolphe’s success is evident in a number of IOTA, N/V IOTA, SOTA and fantastic MILL activities he’s lead and/or participated in in recent years.

In 2013, for example, he was part of a three strong team which activated Aneret and Ancre islands (MA-109) in the  RSGB identified Chausey Islands group (EU-039).

He’s also been effective from Belle Ile En Mer (AT-015), Teviec Island (AT-013) and Tatihou Island (MA-002) in recent years, carving out a reputation as one of 14 Division’s leading island DXpeditioners.

‘DX Leadership’ wise and 14DA016 Rodolphe is practised in the domain of QSL Managerialship also.  History shows he’s acted as QSM for a number of his own DXpeditions and others during his time with SD with a reputation for speedy and reliable service.

Combine this stuff with his admirable DX work on ham bands as a licensed amateur radio operator and it’s obvious you’ve got the complete DX package!

Moving away from hobby talk now and 14DA016 Rodolphe’s home QTH is found in the Calvados department in Basse-Normandie, the shores of which are washed by the famous English Channel.  This spectacular region is notable historically as the birthplace of William I (the Conqueror), a descendant of Viking raiders and the first Norman King of England.

It’s also been the home of many well-known French authors, including Guy de Maupassant, Marcel Proust, Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly, as well as famous musical composer Erik Satie.

In addition to DXpedition work, admin duties and chasing DX in the Earth’s premier 11m and ham contest events, DA-RC’s new Vasséenne (Vassy local) gets pleasure from using UHF and VHF radios, as well as fine-tuning his portable station for DXpedition work.

Away from the hobby, Rodolphe enjoys listening to music on commercial radio stations, watching tv, reading ham magazines, spending time with his partner and travel.

He’s sure to provide you with a few “new ones” too thanks to his work in the field and is certain to be one of the DA-RC’s most energetic dx adventurists in the years to come!

QSL Info:

Le Hamel Angot
14410 Vassy France