*MEET* 14DA012 Herve

One of France’s premium DXers 14DA012 Herve (Also 14IR021) is the latest edition to the Dx Adventure Radio Club line-up, continuing the charge of some of the world’s most foremost DXers to the fresh and innovative initiatives of DA-RC.  Earlier known as 14SA003 and 14FRI012 respectively, Herve hails from a commune in the Nord Department in northern France called Sainghin-en-Weppes, which is is part of the Urban Community of Lille Métropole.

From this charming QTH, 14DA012 Herve has carved out a status as a DXpeditioner of some note, teaming up with close friends 14DA106 Fabrice and 14DA028 Phil for profitable IOTA activations of Brehat island (See below) and Ar Morbic Island in the EU-074 Island group in the past; an Inland Water Islands (IWI) activation of Balokken island on a special IWI Tour and also an exciting regional activation of French Department 59.

In addition to satisfying the membership requirements of the DXpeditioner category, [as well as criteria in the Leadership category thanks to his role as Department Coordinator with one of his previous groups], Delta-Alfa’s newest Kenwood Man is also a highly successful DX Hunter with almost 200 DXCC entities confirmed.  (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/become-a-member/ ).

It is his love of portable dx adventure and DXpedition work though which attracted him to the Dx Adventure Radio Club, with plans already in place with mates Fabrice and Phil to activate ‘Most Wanted’ Islands for DA-RC in the 2009 WWRO Islands festival, as well as some inland water islands never before heard on 11m also.

Outside of the radio shack and away from the lure of his computer and the internet where he enjoys reading and writing product reviews, Herve enjoys keeping fit by playing table tennis or travelling the dissimilar lands of Europe.

A renowned gentleman of the airways and a regular and valued contributor to radio communications forums such as ‘11m DX Activities Oz’ where his intricate knowledge of radio products and technical expertise is well-defined, Herve is certain to be involved in DA-RC’s Mentor Program and enlisted to work closely with other members so as to achieve similar successes in the hobby.

Welcome to your new Club, Herve.  It is terrific to have you as part of the team.