*MEET* 13DA017 Carsten

Widely known for his excellent dx work on 11m while a long standing member of the Bravo Romeo Charlie DX Group and more recently as a member of the DA-RC since early March 2011, 13DA017 Carsten is an experienced and popular DXer whom is stationed in the Federal Republic of Germany in Western and Central Europe.

Many guys would regard Carsten’s home QTH, Rastenberg in the north-east of Thuringia, as an idyllic place for enjoying the hobby!  With its clean air, mild climate and abundance of forest, the area is a mecca in particular for nature lovers, walkers and cyclists.  Amidst the tranquillity of picturesque surroundings, here he enjoys the challenge of hunting DXCC and other exotic stations.

In addition to combining his DA-RC membership with the BRC, Carsten is also a member of his local German CB radio club, Tango Hotel, and often uses the QRZ 13TH008 on citizens band frequencies and in German radio events.  He’s also a Lounge Member of Cluster dk.

Like many DA-RCies, Carsten’s interests in the radio communications hobby are diverse.  They include antenna theory, DXing, propagation theory, portable/field DXing, short wave listening and QRP operations.  Carsten’s shack, in fact, is ideally suited to his interest in QRP DXing with a Sommerkamp TS-788 dx and an Albrecht AE485 on the shack bench top; and for portable QRP the Albrecht AE201S does the job perfectly.

“It is a pleasure for me to get some contacts with just little power,” explains 13DA017 Carsten, “to speak with good friends several times and if possible offer my support to friends who also are interested in this great hobby…”

In 2012, for example, Carsten supported two of his fellow DA-RC members in the inaugural DXtreme Team Challenge (DXTC), teaming up to participate as the 3 DX-sketeers in the first ever radio sports event on 11m.  His team did very well also, finishing in the top few placegetters!

A Solarcon made Antron 99 vertical, a 3 element yagi beam, a home-made 2 element delta loop (See left), and other home-brew jobs which he has designed and constructed himself over the years, are Carsten’s collection of antennas.

“I work very often from the portable,” says one of the club’s admired 13 division guys.  “Just QRP with my home-made loop from some hills around my location…on a 10 meters high portable tower and my AE201S transceiver…!”

Away from the radio communications hobby and 13DA017 Carsten works as a Beekeeper (or apiarist).  Here his job is to maintain honey bee colonies in apiaries or “bee yards”, to collect honey and beeswax, to produce bees for sale to other beekeepers and more!

In his down time, Carsten enjoys the thrill of motocross – a form of motorcycle sport or all-terrain vehicle racing held on enclosed off road circuits and restoring old motorcycles.  He also enjoys restoring old motorcycles to their former glory.


QSL Information:

  • PO Box 1113, 99636, Rastenberg, TN, Germany