*MEET* 13DA012 Joe

Our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is delighted to introduce to you 13DA012 Joe from the Federal Republic of Germany in Central Europe.

Joe connects with our club in July, 2022, with a terrific resume of hobby achievements.

Pictured above on one of his many fantastic DXpeditions across the vast European continent, 13DA012 Joe’s fine reputation in Freeband Radio comms, forged through a commitment to the hobby for almost 30 years, is second to none, and we’re proud to present him as a member of our extensive European team!

13DA012 Joe has worked and confirmed almost 300 DXCC…

He’s undertaken a large number of successful dxpeditions, operating from an incredible eight countries — the Dodecanese Islands (59), Cyprus (110), Mount Athos (254), Hungary (109), Czech Republic (329), Crete (90), Greece (18), and of course his home country Germany (13)…

And administrated in some of the Eleven Meter DX Community’s best known clubs in Alfa Tango and Sugar Delta for well over a decade!!!!!!

To ice the cake, 13DA012 Joe is also a licensed ham radio operator with a demonstrated commitment to radio communications!

Excited are we then as a club that Joe qualifies for DA-RC membership in all 3 membership categories!

13DA012 Joe’s DA membership form identifies Bad Schandau as his home QTH.

This is a picturesque spa town in Germany, in the Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge district of the Free State of Saxony.

Google Earth indicates that Bad Schandau is nestled on the steep, towering sandstone rocks on the right-hand, northern bank of the River Elbe.

It’s at the mouth of the valley of the Kirnitzsch, and on the edge of the scenic Saxon Switzerland National Park in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

A fascinating man-made construction in 13DA012 Joe’s town, worthy of a mention in any on-air QSO, is the historical lift to Ostrau, a passenger truss-tower elevator.

Opened on Easter Sunday 1905, this is a 52m high, free-standing iron construction, which links the village of Ostrau higher up the hill.

Other landmarks worthy of a mention in any QSO with Joe include the Town Hall, the Roman Catholic Church next to the hillside on the right of the Elbe, the hotels of the Gründerzeit bordering the Elbe,

13DA012 Joe’s station has been assembled with success across multiple bands in mind.

His transceiver is a Kenwood TS-480 SAT, a highly versatile rig offering 200W output, making it ideal for both base station and portable DX’ing applications.

For use on 27 MHz frequencies, a fiberglass Antron 99 vertical antenna by Solarcon, installed on a 17m high telescopic army mast, provides excellent omnidirectional TX/RX potential to all major DX markets.

Signals are enhanced with either an RM KLV-400 600 watt base amplifier or an RM Italy KL-503 HD (High Drive) 300 watt amplifier.

On ham bands, a Jo Gun 4, homemade HB9CV (a 2-Element-Yagi with 2 driven elements) and an AV18VS trap-less, band-adjustable vertical by Hy-gain, combine to make a threatening high-performance DX station and send signals to all major DX markets.

When operating as a mobile station in the truck, 13DA012 Joe uses a Santiago 1000 and Wilson 5000 antenna on eleven meters, whilst in the field he uses a lightweight Skypper for additional directional performance.

As well as DXpedition work, 13DA012 Joe enjoys hunting rare DX and making antennas.

Interstate and international travel, as well as diving, are also listed as favourite past times.

Whether it be from the comfort of his home shack, from foreign shores, or out and about in the field, rest assured you’ll be hearing lots from new DA-RC member 13DA012 Joe during Solar Cycle 25!


“Will QSL First”