*DX NEWS* 18DA/EU-072, Skopelos Island

Ola!  Attention committed eleven meter IOTA Hunters — don’t miss a fleeting chance to nab a new one on the world’s best HF band, Eleven Meters!

Our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is thrilled to convey that expert dxpeditioner 13DA012 Joe in Germany will be QRV from the enticing Skopelos Island in the Northern Sporades islands of Greece in the month of June, 2023.

Not activated on 27 MHz frequencies since the year 2000 — according to Islands Base Online (IBO) and cluster data bases, this latest hot Delta-Alfa DXstination is certain to be profoundly targeted by all pro island hunters on the world’s free band.

In addition to being an eagerly sought after entity in the world’s IOTA fraternity, this breath-taking Greek island is known to be part of the diverse and highly sought-after Thessalia Region IOTA group.

Furthermore, the scenic Skopelos Island shares the reference EU-072 with 11 other pockets of land in surrounding waters, in keeping with the World IOTA Program, a group which is highly sought after by the world’s ham operators also.

Part of the picturesque Thessaly region, gorgeous Skopelos Island is situated in the western Aegean Sea, an elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Asia.

This alluring island dxstination is one of several locations which comprise the Northern Sporades island group.

It’s one which lies east of the mountainous Pelion peninsula on the Greece (18 Division) mainland and north of the island of Euboea, the second-largest Greek island in area and population, after Crete, and the sixth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Interestingly, World IOTA maps indicate that the nearest inhabited islands to Skopelos are Skiathos to the west and Alonnisos to the east.

These potential IOTA dxstinations also belong to the same EU-072 IOTA group.

Wonderfully, 13DA012 Joe has indicated that he’ll be active from a second island during his dx adventure so no doubt these will be a great guide.

Information supplied to DA-RC HQ indicates that 13DA012 Joe will arrive at the main port and municipal center of the island which is situated in the bay on the northern coast; a dxstination noted for its architectural heritage.

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