*EMISSIONS OFFSET* 135DA0, Solomon Islands

In keeping with the Dx Adventure Radio Club’s Dxpedition Protocol and Offset Program, the carbon emissions created by airline travel to the Solomon Islands for the 135DA/0 Dxpedition have now been offset via Greenfleet.

Greenfleet is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping reduce the environmental impact of travel choices like this one.

It provides practical ways for people and organisations like the DA-RC and our members to prevent and minimize the greenhouse gases they/we produce.

Carbon emissions from the 135DA/0 dx adventure were firstly calculated using the company’s online calculator which allowed us to input info related to our return flights to and from the small Pacific island of Guadalcanal, from Brisbane on mainland Australia.

The calculator then provided an estimate of our emissions in tonnes of carbon dioxide and also advised us on the number of trees it would take to offset these emissions with Greenfleet.

The 135 Division Dxpedition team were then given the option of choosing between purchasing greenhouse friendly verified emissions reductions (VERs) with other companies or planting trees to offset the emissions with Greenfleet.

It was a tough decision!

Why We Chose Greenfleet…

Research shows that planting trees is an effective way to absorb carbon dioxide emissions and Greenfleet plants hundreds of thousands of native trees each year in environmentally vulnerable areas.

In addition to helping clean our air, trees and forests also clean and improve our soil and ground water, reduce erosion, act as windbreaks, provide habitat for animals and humans, and are crucial to the biological diversity of our land.

Obviously, these are very worthwhile benefits for everyone — regardless of whether or not you believe in the value of reducing your own carbon footprint!

Since the Greenfleet program commenced in 1997, it has planted more than 6.8 million native trees, across more than 300 sites, on behalf of their individual and business supporters. 

It’s nice to be able to say that the DA-RC has now been a part of that!

Offset Details

  • Total emissions (CO2e):  4.37 tonnes
  • Source: Airline travel (12774 kilometers)
  • Offset Project selected: Tree Planting
  • Offset Cost: $57
  • Organisation: Greenfleet
  • Link: http://www.greenfleet.com.au/ 

The 135 DXpedition Team and the DA-RC wish to thank the large number of Sponsors who contributed towards this emissions offset, thus helping us to reduce our carbon footprint in the exciting world of dx adventure.

For more information on DA-RC’s carbon Emissions Offset Program and how you can offset your own hobby emissions, please email Project Manager 23DA330 Jeremy at edx111@yahoo.com .