*MEET* 12DA022 Damian

Well respected and accomplished hobbyist 12DA022 Damian, from the South American country of Uruguay, is invited into the Dx Adventure Radio Club in October 2021.

In the Americas’ Freeband community, 12DA022 Damian is a DX Hunter of some note; a proficient guy whom is determined to reinforce his status as one of his country’s best known 11m DXers, with his new Delta-Alfa callsign.

12DA022 Damian achieves his membership via the DX Hunter category with more than 50 DXCC worked and confirmed (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/ )

Officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, 12DA022 Damian’s country is the second smallest sovereign nation in South America (after Suriname [73 Division]) and the third smallest territory (French Guiana [22 Division] is the smallest).

12DA022 Damien’s city, Nueva Helvecia, is located in the southeastern part of Colonia Department.

Nueva Helvecia (Spanish for “New Helvetia”; formerly known as Colonia Suiza) is 120 km west of Montevideo, the capital and largest city of Uruguay.

This little town looks a bit like Switzerland transplanted to South America, complete with Central European crests adorning the houses.

12DA022 Damian’s QTH is a few kilometres from the coast where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Río de la Plata and east of Buenos Aires, Argentina (4).

Nueva Helvecia is known nationwide for its Swiss heritage and its residents have maintained Swiss traditions and customs to this day.

There are several groups, in fact, including “Los Alegres Alpinos”, and the “Alpenveilchen Grupo de Danzas”, who still practice the songs and dances of their ancestors.

The main attractions in 12DA022 Damian’s city include the Plaza de los Fundadores (See above), Tiro Suizo, Hotel Suizo, OSE Watertank, Molino Quemado, Evangelical Church, Roman Catholic Church and Cine Helvético.

An inventory of his shack credentials provided to DA-RC HQ indicates that 12DA022 Damien is well equipped for DX operations.

A Yaesu FT80C transceiver — a compact, SSB/CW/AM/FM rig — provides 100 watts of transmitter power output on all frequencies between 1.8 and 30 MHz, including 27 MHz.

Alongside this well-known Yaesu rig is a Superstar 3900 citizens band radio, with AM/LSB/USB/FM modes, modified for operation on the upper 11m band.

On a 10m mast outside his home is a 1-element Delta Loop antenna which is superb for DX work.

“This is not only a great transmitting antenna,” explains 12DA022 Damien, “but a low noise receiving antenna too!”

For employment, 12DA022 Damian works as a farmer.

“What we do are dairy products such as cheese spreads and sandwich bar products…”

For rest and relaxation, he enjoys listening to music, watching movies and spending time in the great outdoors with his family.

12DA022 Damian is also a member of the Society Swiss Shot, locally known as Tiro Suizo.

Founded on April 19, 1874, it’s reportedly the oldest sports institution in Uruguay.

It’s radio communications though which captures 12DA022 Damian’s imagination and he’s habitually QRV on the international 11m call frequency, 27.555 MHz USB.

See his QSL details below!


“Will QSL First”