*MEET* 12DA010 Ney

In the south-eastern region of South America (SA), 12DA010 Ney becomes the very first Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, linking with our club in late September 2018.

A licensed ham with an inspiring compilation of first-class radio kit established over the years, 12DA010 Ney is also a keen Eleven Meters enthusiast, dedicating much of his on-air hobby time to both hunting DX and rag chew on 27 MHz frequencies.

According to the atlas, Ney’s DXCC borders Argentina (4 Division) to its west and Brazil (3) to its north and east, with the Río de la Plata (River of Silver) to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast.

It’s the second smallest sovereign nation in South America after Suriname (73 Division) and the third smallest territory (French Guiana (22) is the smallest).

12DA010 Ney combines membership with the DA-RC with a multiple year association with the Maik Whiskey (MW) club of Spain.  His callsign here is 12MW001.

It’s with the DA-RC, however, that Ney is committed most and he looks forward to entering into the field of dx adventure with activities in and around his local area in the years to come!

According to DA-RC’s first Uruguayan member, 12 Division boasts some beautiful landscapes and cultural landmarks indeed, rivaling any SA country…

There are ten national parks here — five in the wetland areas of the east, three in the central hill country, and one in the west along the Rio Uruguay.  The closest to Ney is the ‘Área de Proteção Ambiental de Ibirapuitã’.

Cultural experiences, according to 12DA010 Ney, include exploring the country’s colonial heritage, as found in Colonia del Sacramento.

Historical monuments such as Torres Garcia Museum as well as Estadio Centenario, which housed the first world cup in history, are examples.

12DA010 Ney’s shack can be found in the city of Rivera — the capital of Rivera Department on the country’s — roughly 200 km from Montevideo and about the same from Buenos Aries.

The Parque Internacional (Pictured left), nearby town of Minas de Corrales established in 1879 during the Gold Rush times, Rincón de Tres Cerros near the border with Tacuarembó Department, roughly 15 km west of Minas de Corrales and the Valle del Lunarejo are notable features of his local area.

When he’s not in the shack behind the microphone of his Yaesu FT-890 or Kenwood TS-50 ham transceivers or large assortment of 10m rigs such as the high-powered Megastar, 12DA010 Ney is into athletics, music and football.

In addition to supporting the triumphant Uruguay national team, he’s a big fan of the Club Nacional de Football and Clube de Regatas do Flamengo clubs and has a number of soccer fields close bye to check out all the local footy action too!

12DA010 Ney is also a committed family man and enjoys spending time with his partner and kids; BBQ, travelling, etc.  For employment, this university graduate is involved in law enforcement and has a role with the Rivera police.

If you’re able to work 12DA010 Ney then you’ve logged yourself one of South America’s rarest DXCC on the Freeband in recent years.

No doubt our new ‘Riverense’ DXer will be just as excited to work you as well and will be more than happy to exchange QSL cards via his special DA-RC QSL Manager.


QSL Manager

Angel (34DA010)

Belingo Nº 9

35015 Las Palmas

Gran Canaria Island