*DX RESOURCE* Web Radio Site…with 11m DX Twist

An innovation of experienced comms hobbyist 14CA101 Jean, ‘11MDA’ is an exciting web radio / 27 MHz DX news and views website; one which is certain to become an immensely popular component of the 11m DX Community.

radionomyDisplaying professional, cutting-edge graphics, an eye-catching format with orange and white background, social media apps and constant tunes, 11MDA is a great way of washing away from the soul the dust of everyday life; especially when the DX gods haven’t been cooperative!!!!

In fact, the 11MDA website can perhaps best be described as an online DX Cafe of sorts; one with eclectic musical influences ranging from Jazz, Reggae and Blues to Rock, Pop and Heavy Metal beats.  All contributed by 11m DX enthusiasts the world over!

“The main goal of mine,” says 14CA101 Jean, “is to encourage 11m operators to send content, news about their DX group and activities, and much more.  To achieve that, I offer an atmosphere of fun, cultivated by music through the radionomy system!”

Music, after all, is somewhat of an explosive expression of humanity; Something we’re all touched by — DXers included.  No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.

image_radioAn exciting prospect is that 11MDA also allows interested guys to broadcast their music live from their radio shack or home studio.  For experienced Pod-casters like 26DA086 Mark, this is an exciting opportunity indeed!

Together with Jean’s expert help, Users can plan live sessions designed at sharing their music interests with fellow hobbyists and hopefully finding like minded souls to share their music with.

Users are encouraged to send their audio files and podcasts to Jean via email at 14ca101@gmail.com.

Drop by and check it out by clicking HERE!