*MEET* 113DA142 Sidi

Licensed ham, highly motivated 27 MHz DX Hunter and skilled electronics technician; our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is thrilled to introduce to you 113DA142 Sidi from the incredibly heterogenous DX region of South-East Asia.

113DA142 Sidi links with our club in November, 2020, eager to participate with a professional radio club in the upcoming Solar Cycle 25.

As the callsign prefix ‘113’ indicates, Sidi resides in Western Malaysia which is one of the most elusive DXCC to work on the eleven meter band.

Also known as Malaya, this country is the part of Malaysia which occupies the southern half of the Malay Peninsula and surrounding isles.

Google Earth reveals that Western Malaysia’s area is 132,265 square kilometres, which is nearly 40% of the total area of the country.

The other 60% is East Malaysia (58 Division).

Across the Strait of Malacca to the west lies the island of Sumatra (OC-143) and, across the South China Sea to the east, lies the Natuna Islands (OC-106).

Both IOTA entities belong to Indonesia (91 Division).

At the southern tip across the Strait of Johor, furthermore, lies the island country of Singapore (AS-019) (98 Division).

Wikipedia indicates that Sidi’s country accounts for the majority of Malaysia’s population and economy.

A previous member of the Lima Radio (LR) Club, 13DA142 Sidi qualifies for DA-RC Membership via the ‘DX Hunter’ class with more than 100 DXCC worked and confirmed on the 11m band (See: http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/rules/)

He looks forward to making 113 Division one of the most accessible DXCC on the 11m band for DX Hunters in Cycle 25.

113DA142 Sidi’s home QTH is located within the coastal state of Malacca, in the south-western region of the mighty Malay Peninsula.

Here, next to the Strait of Malacca (930km in length), is the village of Kampung Pulai, which is located in the region of Merlimau.

Malacca’s proximity to the ocean makes it a great springboard for serious IOTA dx adventure.

Not only is 113DA142 Sidi a keen DX Hunter, but he also looks forward to improving his qualifications in the DXpedition category in the coming years.

In fact, on his agenda are several Islands On The Air (IOTA) activities in the AS-097 referenced ‘Melacca & Johor State West Island Group’, just off the coast of Malacca.

One of the largest islands is Palau Besar — an IOTA entity which has never before been active on 11m.

This island shares the AS-097 reference with Kukup, Pisang, Sauh and Undan islands so keep a listen out for 113DA/AS-097 in the future.

Another fascinating NV-IOTA option is the island of Malacca, approximately 0.5 km off the coast of Malacca City.

Linked to the mainland by a 30m bridge, this man made island dxstination is roughly 90 ha and has been earmarked for a marine park development in the future.

According to his membership form, 113DA142 Sidi’s home station consists of Galaxy 959 (Deluxe Edition), Anytone AT6666 and ICOM 2300H transceivers.

Outside, a simple but effective 1 element Delta-Loop antenna (See below) is perched on a mast some 10m above his home.

According to Sid, “the Delta Loop is not only a great transmitting antenna but a low noise receiving antenna…”

Combined with waters of the South China Sea, a very short distance from his QTH, and these conditions are optimum for DXing.

The sport of football is 113DA142 Sidi’s passion outside of radio comms and this is an immensely popular sport in Malaysia.

Melaka United (MU), for example, is a Malaysian professional football club based in Melaka.

MU plays out of Hang Jebat Stadium and competes in the Malaysia Super League.

According to Sidi, “the club’s current nickname is Hang Tuah, the name being synonymous with strength and intelligence…”

113DA142 Sidi balances his involvement in our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) with membership of the Jalur Selatan Radio Amateur Johor (JASRA).

This popular local ham club meets regularly, with members involved in events such as antenna workshops, field day activities, social get-togethers and much more.

113DA142 Sidi purportedly studied Electronic Transportation at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

This university specializes in engineering, science and technology (See https://www.jasra.name.my/).

Like the majority of SE-AS 11m operators, 113DA142 Sidi is QRV daily on 27.305 MHz USB where he communicates with other Malay and 91 Division operators.

He also ventures up to the International Call Frequency — 27.555 MHz USB — to chase DX and looks forward to extending his tally of worked and confirmed Freeband Divisions with his new Delta-Alfa callsign.


Sidi, Km 16, Kampung Pulai, 77300 Melaka, Malaysia