*DX NEWS* Quad v Moxon – An Investigation by 3DA012 Roger

Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) Headquarters Member and hot shot DX Hunter 3DA012 Roger has added to his commanding radio comms artillery with a new 4 elements Moxon antenna.

Purchased from fellow DA-RCie 30DA016 Dave at ‘All About Antennas’, Roger is curious about the performance of this lightweight 3 kg antenna against the mighty 4 element quad which has appeared at the top of his tower in the state of Alagoas for many years.

As you can see by the pictures, Roger has mounted the Moxon approximately 15 meters above the ground, the same height as the quad, and well clear of the breezy Brazilian palms which feature in his backyard.

The Moxon’s gain, bandwidth and front to back ratio will no doubt be examined in good time, with figures revealed on http://www.dx-antennas.com/ suggesting the popular wire antenna will stack up well.

“After 4-5 QSO’s using both antennas on the same transceiver I already notice some obvious differences between them,” reports Roger.  
“I have to test them more though to have a better idea about the strong and weak points of each but it’s a good surprise already to see that the Moxon works fine…”

If you hear 3DA012 Roger calling on the International Calling Frequency 27.555 MHz USB and can offer some time to provide some reports then naturally he’d appreciate it.  For sure, the results of his testing and comparisons will be interesting reading!