*MEET* 104DA104 Alex

Connecting with the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in November 2020, from the mountainous European island of Corsica, is well-known and respected radio comms operator 104DA104 Alex.

Southeast of the French mainland, west of the Italian Peninsula, and immediately north of the Italian island of Sardinia, Corsica is the fourth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Carrying the reference EU-114 in keeping with the World IOTA Program, it’s also an eagerly sought after island contact on any one of the bands.

One of the Mediterranean’s most accomplished 11m DX buffs, Alex joins the DA-RC family after gaining success via the DXpeditioner Category.  (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/ )

In this membership category, 104DA104 Alex has a long list of successful LOTA, MILL, IOTA, NV/IOTA, SOTA and COTA accomplishments to his name.

Furthermore, he looks forward to being QRV from a multitude of Corsica’s lighthouses, islands, summits and fortresses in the coming years under the famous Delta-Alfa banner.

Not only is 104DA104 Alex a well-known and respected dxpeditioner, he’s also a highly regarded and profitable Freeband DX Hunter with more than 100 DXCC worked and confirmed.

Located around 180km from the French Riviera, the birthplace of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte (i.e. Corsica) has no shortage of unique sites to enjoy.

Politically, one of the 18 regions of France since 1768, but retaining a distinct Italian culture, 104DA104 Alex’s island home presents a mix of stylish coastal towns, dense forest and craggy peaks with Monte Cinto being the highest.

Its landscapes, monuments and beautiful beaches, in fact, make this island an ideal dxstination for relaxing, and discovering the age-old heritage and traditions associated with the Corsican way of life.

The Natural Regional Park of Corsica covers two thirds of the surface of this beautifully preserved region, which also boasts 5 nature reserves and marine parks.

The Corsican coastlines, at a total length of over 1000km, are the most varied of French coastlines.

Its beaches range from busy Pietracorbara to remote Saleccia and Rondinara while all the natural splendours of Corsica are revealed at the Gorges Restonica, the Monte Stello and the Bonifacio Cliffs.

This diverse landscape is conducive to all activities — hiking, walking, golfing and water sports.

104 Division is also renowned for its mouthwatering cuisine.

Various cold meats (coppa, lonzu, prisuttu, figatellu) can be accompanied by polenta made from chestnut flour or garnished soups while fish and seafood are accented with local herbs, including origano, marjoram and mint.

Brocciu, made with the whey of goat or sheep’s cheese, venachese, orezzincu and calenzana are some of the typical cheeses which hail from this land of shepherds.

Honey is another important product in Corsica and game such as wild boar (Cingale, Singhjari) is popular.

“I’m 45 km south east of Bastia in the small town called Santa-Maria-Poggio,” explains Alex. 

“The residence is called Vanga di l’Oru.”

Judging by his success on the world’s premier HF band, 11m, it’s the ideal location for DX too.

104DA104 Alex’s station consists of an ICOM IC-756 PRO III transceiver with studio EQ devices, a couple of vintage CB radios and multiple DXcessories, in line with a 3 element yagi antenna

When not at work or calling “CQ DX” behind the microphone in his coastal shack, 104DA104 Alex enjoys beach fishing and as the pictures show, he’s quite a skilled fisherman.

In fact, Alex is a former professional fisherman, with 27 years spent on the water as a trawler fisherman.

104DA104 Alex is QRV daily on the 11m International Call Frequency, 27.555 MHz USB.

This gives the world’s population of serious 27 MHz island chasers the best possible opportunity to work his station on the fourth-largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus.

You might also catch him on any of the world’s hobby forums, including Cluster DX.


Bt3 Vanga di l’ oru 20221 Santa Maria Poggio Corsica