DA-RC Club Station Protocols

In their purest form, Club Stations on any band are an appealing concept indeed – not just for DX Hunters fortunate enough to work them; but also for the individual operators themselves who posse up, on behalf of their respective club and fellow members, to spark them to life!

While the requirements of performing Club Stations differs from club to club, generally on the number of members necessary to be present at the same time to constitute a Club Station, the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) adheres to its own unique policies for conducting Club Stations; principles which are consistent with our Club’s core values of Determination, Accomplishment, Resourcefulness and Collaboration.

rotat_beamOn the 11m band, these take into consideration those outlined by the G.R.I. Alfa Tango whom are recognised as providing the first ever Club Station with 13AT/000 back in 1986.

Our guidelines, however, consist of a more demanding set of operating principles and protocols to hopefully make the Club Station concept both even more attractive as a DX entity than it currently is, and, also more appealing as a podium for dx adventure.

These novel innovations, the main one being that the activity must be of a ‘portable’ or ‘field operation’ type nature rather than from the comforts of a member’s home shack, also ensure the DA-RC Club Station activity satisfies 3 central objectives.

These include:

  1. To encourage camaraderie amongst club members
  2. To test the Emergency preparedness of 11m radio ops/hams and our radio equipment in field situations; and
  3. To promote the respective DXCC/division (and its local members) in which the Club Station is active.

Please see below the infos for enacting DA-RC Club Stations…

Our Club Station Protocols

  • Permissions, including the QRZ, must be obtained from DA-RC HQ
  • 1 member must be made responsible for the correct running of the station and for ensuring that all rules/requirements are adhered to by the team
  • A minimum of 3 DA-RC members must be present for the station to be activated
  • All DA-RC Club Stations must use the special unit number ‘000’ if working on 11m
  • An accurate log must be kept and must be signed by at least 3 of the DA-RC members present
  • Contribution ($2 US + SAE, 2 EURO + SAE or IRC + SAE) is necessary should a DX Hunter wish to confirm the contact with a QSL card
  • All Club Station participants must have been active on the microphone with the Club Station callsign at some time during the day
  • The activity must be of a ‘portable’ or ‘field operation’ type nature rather than from a member’s home shack
  • Proofs must be sent to the DA-RC HQ Team after the Club Station has taken place.

To conduct your own DA-RC Club Station, please contact one of your HQ members who will support you and your team in all aspects of your endeavor!