*MEET* 224DA247 Akau

Tab North HospitalThe Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is delighted to introduce its most recent member from the Pacific Ocean’s Gilbert Islands group……224DA247 Akau.

Formerly known on the eleven meter band as 224DU247 and an associate of the old Delta Uniform cb radio club, Akau’s QTH is the far-flung North Tabiteuea Atoll.  North-Tab as it is abbreviated to, is the largest and most popular outer island of the Southern Gilbert Islands and one of the most picturesque in Kiribati.

Tab-NorthLocated some 400km from Tarawa, the collective Tabiteuea atoll consists of two main islands which are serviced by both Air Kiribati and the Kiribati Shipping Corporation.  This makes it a viable DXstination for any prospective DXpedition team in the future.

The first, 224DA247 Akau’s home, is Eanikai in the north which has one airport.  This island has a land area of 26 km² and a population of 3600 spread amongst 12 scattered villages, including the capital Utiroa and Akau’s own Terikiai Village.

The second is Nuguti in the south which also has one airport.  Home to many of Akau’s radio friends and family members, this island has a land area of 12 km² and a population of 1299 distributed among 6 villages, including the capital Buariki.

Tab-North Police Chief There are also several smaller islets in between along the eastern rim which are sparsely populated.

A keen and skilful 27 MHz and ham radio operator, Akau’s working conditions consist of a modified Galaxy DX959 transceiver which powers at approximately 80 watts thanks to an old world war two tank battery and a simple but effective homemade half-wave antenna, constructed from a fishing rod, on the roof of his hut some 15 metres off the ground.  These ensure he puts a decent signal into neighbouring island DXCC in the Pacific area and others in the OC-017 IOTA group and will be sure to make some noise on the band in other continents during Cycle 24.

ManeabaOutside the radio communications pursuit, Akau works as a policeman on the island which unfortunately still suffers the anguish of past regional conflicts.

“In the late 19th century,” Akau tells, “Our two islands were the site of a religious war when the people of Tab-North converted to Christianity and invaded Tab-South which had kept its traditional religious practice…”

In addition to his peace keeping and law enforcement duties in the Tab-North community, 224DA247 Akau gets pleasure from traditional dancing, singing and magic which play a significant part of his life.  He also enjoy his wife’s home cooking – his favourite dishes being dried pork and tuna, baked eel, sashimi and vegetable salad, fresh fish, chicken and salad.

Traditional Dancing“All men are equal here,” says Akau.  “Although police are respected, chiefs are forbidden and the old men rule the villages through maneaba meetings…”

On behalf of the HQ Team and all DA-RC members, welcome to the Club, Akau.  We trust you will bring these same commendable leadership traits into your new Club as a leader of DX in the Pacific area!