SWOTA Reference System

boat yagi

As is the case with Delta Radio’s Castles and Fortresses On The Air (COTA) program on 11m, shipwrecks around the world have been assigned a special reference number which enables a radio operator to readily identify a shipwreck for contact purposes.

This reference number is also used by radio operators to identify the shipwreck in DX adventure pursuits, as well as for SWOTA awards available in the DA-RC Achievement Program.

In 11m and Citizens Band communications respectively, SWOTA activities are recognisable by the prefix ‘SW’ which denotes shipwreck, followed by the designated reference number, attached to the normal club callsign.

In the case of a SWOTA activation of the Arakoon steamer paddle on South Bernard Island, for instance, the callsign would be 43DA/SW-077……where ‘SW’ denotes that the station is engaged in SWOTA and 077 is the reference number attributed to the Arakoon wreck.

Also adaptable to Ham activities, the SWOTA concept is recognisable by the Ham operator stating the SW prefix and reference number during CQ calls and showing the SWOTA logo on his QSL card.

A list of SW reference numbers is available upon request to any member wanting to undertake SWOTA or incorporate SWOTA into a primary activation.