Claiming SWOTA

DA-RC members and non-members may undertake a Shipwreck On The Air (SWOTA) activity either as a maritime mobile (MM) station or as a portable station working in the field.

Importantly, members may also undertake SWOTA activity as a secondary activation while engaged in a primary one…

One of the exciting virtues of SWOTA activity is that it aligns nicely with both the Islands On The Air (IOTA) and Lighthouse On The Air (LOTA) concepts due to links with the ocean and marine environment.

Many ships involved in shipwrecks, in fact, have come to grief on the shallow sand flats or outlying reef of islands-despite the presence of lighthouses, light beacons or lightships to facilitate safe passage.

Because of this, many IOTA and LOTA activities will unwillingly also qualify as legitimate SWOTA activities-regardless of whether or not the SW reference number is identified in the callsign of the DXpedition station or on the QSL of the same activity.

To claim an SW reference number from the DA-RC Awards Manager, SWOTA Hunters must only provide proof that the DX station has satisfied the rules and regulations of SWOTA activity (ie. that the station was set up within 1000m or worked with visual sight of the wreck).

In many instances, DX stations will be happy to oblige SWOTA enthusiasts by providing the necessary proofs to satisfy this criterion.

It goes without saying, however, that showing a SW reference number and official DA-RC SWOTA logo on a QSL card will add considerable value to the existing activity and therefore result in a superior log for the DXpedition station.

For this reason, operators are encouraged to supplement IOTA and LOTA activities with SWOTA activity wherever the opportunity permits.