Shipwrecks On The Air (SWOTA)

MMShipwrecks On The Air (SWOTA) © is a dedicatory DX adventure concept in the same ilk as Lighthouses and Castles On the Air, devoted to the intriguing, yet at times tragic existence of vessels lost or ruined at sea.

Designed by the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC), the SWOTA program outlines a fascinating new DX paradigm for the Ham, Eleven Meter, Citizens Band and SWL communities; while also satisfying a number of other purposes not necessarily associated with radio communications.

Aims & Objectives

The official aims and objectives of SWOTA are:

  • To advocate the protection of underwater cultural heritage, including the unauthorized salvage of Historic wrecks (known as ‘wrecking’);
  • To commemorate the loss of life caused by shipwreck and pay respects to those affected by the tragedy
  • To preserve the heritage and history of vessels lost or ruined at sea; and
  • To promote safety at sea by celebrating the contribution various organisations, bodies and individuals, as well as man-made structures, have made to providing safe experiences on the world’s shipways

Other intentions include:

  • To foster camaraderie amongst radio communications enthusiasts in general; and
  • To encourage maritime mobile (MM) operations and other portable forms of DXing

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