*MOST WANTED DXCC* Sponsorship Opportunity

Access to the private Facebook Group and direct access to the team, a gorgeous postcard sent direct from a ‘Most Wanted’ DXCC, worldwide recognition as a supporter of dxtreme adventure, and a brilliant full-colour ‘SPONSORS’ certificate for the radio shack wall, are just four of the many marvellous benefits available to potential sponsors of Team DA-RC’s upcoming DX adventure in early 2017…marked early as 505DA0.

For serious DX Hunters, postcards of tiny sand cays, atolls, rare birdlife, unique animal species and more, are the perfect accompaniment for any rare QSL card — the best proof ever imaginable that a “Most Wanted’ activity did in fact occur from the DXstination it claims to have originated from.

For more information on how you can sponsor the 505DA0 activity, the complete list of benefits for sponsors, and a list of current sponsors, please click HERE.